Kingdom Of Nova Cimbria, General Facts and Info

Full Name: Kingdom Of Nova Cimbria
Short Names: Nova Cimbria, Cimbria, The Invaders, The Far People
Government Type: Constitutional Monarchy Under A Royal Dictatorship
King: King Henryk III
Prime Minister: Harold Nielson
Duke Of Novavari: Duke Jarol Kellaya
Duke Of Nova Jylland: Duke Henryk IV
Duchess Of Ost Novia: Duchess Karla II
Nord-Occupation Governor: Governor Karl Nielson

Founded 200 Years Ago by settlers from the Far Nation known as Cimbria, the colonists quickly struck a deal with the Native Novavari(New People) People or Jekui Nevi(People Of The River) in their native language. Using superior weapons(Gunpowder) they conquered the Northern Tribes, seized the lands of the Kingdom Of Convari(Evil People), and struck down the rebellion in Ost-Novia. After a few years, the gunpowder ran out, and the Kingdom stopped its expansion. Muskets, Cannons, and Flintlocks became a symbol of the Nobility. Today, the Kingdom is known as a neutral state, and has poor relations with many nations, in particular nations that have strong connections to Magic. The Kingdom views magic negatively, possibly due to it having no magic users of its own.

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