King Andrei Of Stoinia State Visit To Emerald

It was a very clear day in Copenhagen, but King Joshua VII was tired due to never being able to sleep because of the Civil War requiring his full attention as Head of the Armed Forces. He ate his usual breakfast of Scrambled Eggs with bacon and showered. He put on his modified service uniform as that was the nicest thing he owned. His uniform made of dark greens and crown over the rank badge on the left shoulder and the patch and name of his former command, the battleship ERNS Emral BB-19 on the other. He put on his service holster and holstered his pistol. He did some minor research on King Andrei and he then left his temporary home in Copenhagen in his personal car, but after Hawk, he was escorted by the Royal Guard and Copenhagen Police.
Thankfully the Edward Military Complex wasn’t far, the Complex began as a simple Fort and Port before it was slowly upgraded over time. As Joshua entered the Complex he passed the Soldier Memorial, where fallen soldiers were buried with their comrades from previous wars, and saw multiple flag covered coffins entering the Memorial. He saw the 3rd Fleet anchored off the coast and Joshua could see the Emral from his car and smiled. He finally arrived at the Airstrip where, currently, foreign diplomats and heads of state land along with where foreign dead are transported back to their home countries. As he exited his car the Royal Guard got in formation as the Flag Officers held the Emeraldian and Union Flags. As he waited he saw two helicopters lift off, their destination unknown to Joshua.

The King’s Condor landed as smooth as ever. Though instead of a full ceremony, Andrei had requested his Guard to tone down the ceremonial presentation. He wasn’t going to greet the monarch whose country had been nuked recently. Instead he simply stepped out the plane after two of his guardsmen. He was dressed in his military uniform boasting gilded red sash. Normally he’d refrain from his military uniform, but he was here to discuss military matters and he was the active head of the Stoinian military. Throughout his service in Spiras and Earamia, he had more than earned the nickname of the Tarnian Lion if not a bit rebellious at the time. However, he brought an even bouquet of flowers with him. As he approached King Joshua, he gave the monarch a firm handshake.
“Your Majesty, it’s with a heavy heart that I came here to your country under these horrific circumstances. I know all too well that these flowers won’t bring back the dead, but as soon as I found out of a military cemetery so close-by, it was my duty as a veteran to bring flowers for the fallen. I hope I bring some honour to the fallen that way.”

“Hopefully” Joshua said as he looked at even more flag draped coffins entering the memorial. All those sons, daughters, and fathers who never made it home. His Great Uncle Lucas, a sailor himself, and who he never knew, went missing in 1945 on board the Carrier ERNS Jason I CV-10, but he heard stories.

“Anyhow, Welcome to Emerald, I took it upon myself to increase security after Hawk.” He and Andrei walked over to a ET-17 “Lion” Armoured Transport, which had proved its worth in Spiras and was very popular amongst the Army for its overall speed and good armour. This one had WF flags painted on both sides and was equipped with a CE-85C MG.

" As you can see, I’m taking no chances. This specific transport has been modified for Diplomats, like the Ryccian Ambassador to the Union. My Royal Guards will follow in Armoured cars, where do you want your Guardsmen? We are currently strapped for military vehicles, due to many of them being on the front lines." He saw a medical transport plane land. More wounded, Joshua thought, but from what front or was it another “accident” with Jet Fuel.

“Have them join your Royal Guards. Maybe they can learn a thing or two from yours next time I get myself into a hot zone.”
He then entered the armoured transport as he directed his Guardsmen to join Joshua’s.
“It’s best not too dwell too much on those dark thoughts.”
King Andrei replied, recognizing the look of King Joshua. It wouldn’t get any easier for neither of them, but this was now part of their world whether they want it or not. He would try to to lighten the mood and redirect Joshua’s attention to something more cheerful.
“I must say… These are quite comfy. Never thought I’d actually be inside one of these one day. Always too focused on destroying them I’m afraid. Alas time change… No time to waste then, how have your officers experienced the Stoinian intervention?”

“Many of them were overjoyed when they heard that Stoinia was gonna get involved, some however, said that we didn’t need the Stoinians. Many officers and even their own troops were confused, while yes, the Nationalists looked like they were losing, they were actually completely mopping the floor with our infantry while our armour struggled to keep up, so I would say the Stoinians were very helpful, especially with dealing with the DFN in Spiras.”
They passed through a town, most likely Jasonia. Joshua could see the Colradia River on the outskirts.
“Oh I forgot to tell you where we are heading. We are heading to Kingston, Centralia. Its where our diplomats head currently and where the Starhawk Pact has its HQ.”

-“It’s a bit ironic for us. We once denounced the Spirarian government, yet here we are defending them thirty years later. Funny how the world is able to change. I’m glad our intervention is welcomed mostly unlike some other problematic nations.”
King Andrei referenced the Ryccian airplanes that had ignored Stoinian warnings with Union support.
“As for your Starhawk Pact, I believe the Concordia Entente will be a better long term partner. Despite our differences, we can still work together.”

“I also think that the Entente is something more long term, but thats forgetting the reason why the Starhawk Pact was founded in the First place, the protection of Denvari based and Denvari related cultures and to see these cultures succeed. Eggraria is the only exception to that rule, only being a socialist nation.”
“So, what are your thoughts on post war Emerald and Denver, along with Spiras? I was envisioning military advisors and restructuring of Union and Spirasian forces.” After he said that, Joshua saw the Centralian Capital, Kingston. This city had been founded as Centralton sometime in 700’s before being renamed in 1985 following the death of King Jason II, Joshua’s Great-Grandfather. King Jason II would have one of the longest reigns as an Emeraldian king and is considered the Father of the Union. Joshua barely remembers him, but he heard plenty of stories from his father. As the Armoured Transport got closer, he could see the Jason II memorial in Centralia and smiled. He also saw the large amounts of Stoinian flags, and remembered Centralias rather large expat community of Stoinians.

“I understand, though I fear its foundation might be a bit fragile so recently after the war. Alas that’s why I’m hear… To establish efforts to prevent that from happening. Yes, the military training an restructuring would be essential to you military forces but Stoinia intends to do more than just that. I’ve also consulted with my officers and they said that some hardware renewal are also required for which we’ll also gladly help. Your nation has seen destruction again and Stoinia will help in the rebuilding efforts. A few months ago, Prime Minister Vlaicu added 2 billion Dinars to our efforts for international aid. Spiras has received some of that money already, but from that fund we’ll help rebuild Emerald-Denver and Spiras. I’m sure other Pacifica nations will join our efforts to help rebuild your nation.”
King Andrei stepped out from the armoured car and saw the Jason II memorial in front of him. As he saw the many Stoinian flags waved above the masses. Andrei went to speak to the expat community as the kindhearted King he always was. Finally he spoke to them while shaking hands with them.
“I’m pleased to see our Stoinian spirit hasn’t shattered with our communities overseas. Fear not my fellow compatriots, for Stoinia will help rebuild this nation in the image that you all have come to love.”
He then returned back to King Joshua as he bid his regards to the Stoinian community.
“Back to military matters now. Stoinia would gladly give a hand with military advisors. However I also believe that in these modern days, militaries should work together. Stoinian air bases who will operate jointly with Union and Spirasian forces. Following a recent call from President Smith, he also expressed his interests to help build and operate such military bases. Our joint training exercise has proven to be a valuable lesson, one which we intend to teach your nation as well as Spiras and Nova Colradia as well. Not by giving you lectures, but by operating beside you.”

“I sure hope other nations support Emerald and Denver’s reconstruction. I would hardly call the Starhawk Pact fragile, just that it currently is very weak.”
As he stepped out of the armoured car, he saw the massive crowd. “Well that’s not surprising” he thought. He saw the Starhawk pacts HQ and remembered that only a few guards could come inside. He walked over to the Captain of the 3rd Royal Guard Brigade.
“Captain Streams, I hope you can keep the Brigade in line”
CR: “You know me your majesty, I can keep the Brigade in line in my sleep. Why do you ask?”
“I need two of your best men to come with me.”
CR: “Ok…, Lt. Rousteu(OOC: not related to the Spirasian Premier) and Sgt. Keller! Come here!”
LR and SK:“Yes, Sir?”
“I need you both to come inside with me and as the most experienced guardsmen, I need you.”
Joshua walks back to Armoured Car where Andrei walks up to him.
“That does sound like a solid idea. I will admit some Emeraldian Officers wanted todo training exercises but the Denverian Military always avoided the idea. Speaking of which, what will the Proposed Training Exercise Entail? Oh and before I forget, to head inside, you’ll need to bring two of your own guardsmen.”

King Andrei turned back to his men and spoke in Tarnian to his guards.
“Get me Lieutenant Sandulescu and First Sergeant Pițurcă.”
The two guardsmen soon came to each of the King’s flank. He then turned back to King Joshua as he followed him inside the building.
“I believe in the case of the Union it would be on multiple facets. For starters an update of modern equipment and modern tactics for them. Our fifth generation fighters are well renowned for their prowess, though with technological development new tactics arose. The training exercises will aim to teach you such applications. Warfare is always changing and we must always keep up to date. In addition, concrete fail-safes to prevent the stealing of military hardware. This can take the form of multiple stages of war-games between our respective forces as well as joint teams against one another. Practice makes perfect after all. With the military bases performing joint operations in the long term.”

“That sounds okay, but I am wondering what you mean about the ERAF’s ESF-25 Fighter? and What about our Navies? As you should know, Emerald has a history of Naval Prowess, at least in Bareland. As far as I know, the Stoinian Navy sources it ships from Myria. May I ask, that to test the ERN’s tactics, we also do Naval Exercises.”
They entered the Starhawk Pact HQ and went through security with minimal issues, until one of Andrei’s guard had trouble understanding the Cimbrian Speaking Security guard. Thankfully King Joshua VII managed the situation and got Andrei’s guard to understand that it was his service pistol that was coming up on the Metal detector.
“Sorry about that, that guard doesn’t know Austral or Tarnian. Alright let’s head to the Meeting room.”

“I must correct you that we also source our ships from our Sedunnic friends. They’ve always had a much better affinity for the seas. Hence why we Stoinians joke that the sky is our sea. As for the ESF-25, I’ve heard good things, but some of my staff have voiced their interest in its capabilities to engage in some of our unique manoeuvres. Our carrier group can help in naval exercises of course.”
As King Joshua explained the security issue to him, King Andrei remarked with smile.
“You must be a polyglot by now.”

“Just another reminder of how diverse our world is.”
They enter the meeting room, and Joshua notices how bland and grey the room seems, but the Pact is relatively new and this building is temporary. Joshua also notices the fact that at one side of the table is mini versions of the Emeraldian, Denverian, Union, and Ludvillian flag while the other has a mini Stoinian Flag. “Well thats kinda overkill isn’t it, I mean, I am king over Emerald, Denver, and the Union, but Ludville, Seriously?”

“I do wanna ask you how you see the Emeraldian Navy and its doctrine of still using Battleships and Battlecruisers as Ground Support and Anti-Missile alongside modern warships.”

“Frankly… I believe the age of the battleships has sailed past its glory days. Hence why our battleship is more of a ceremonial ship and hasn’t seen action in decades. We Stoinians believe in a more carrier-centered doctrine with our airplanes being our forte. While I admit that the battleships and battlecruisers can still hold a place in ground support as mobile artillery. However, I still do believe airplanes on carriers are capable of the same results and much more cost-effective.”
King Andrei took a look around the room and noticed the Stoinian flag and smiled at it.
“Though I’m sure your battleships and battlecruisers are sturdier than ours. It actually brings me to another opportunity: the possibility of your arms and ship manufacturers joining the Cross-Mediterranean Ordnance Conglomerate. It would definitely open up your market if you’d be interested.”

“Emerald also see’s the usefulness of Carriers, but it is true that Emeraldian Battleships and Battlecruisers certainly aren’t glass cannons. The ERN decided to continue to progress battleship design and we came up with something that has speed, range, and a metric ton of AA and ABM systems.”

Joshua looks around the room again and notices multiple paintings of the ERNS Jylland. “The Pride of the Navy as she’s called”

“Interesting, you are proposing that Denvarian Arms and Shipbuilding companies join the CMOC? I am very interested and it would for sure open up that market. Denvarian designs are quite unique and some designs would certainly need an international version. I will admit the DAC was more there to show off some Denvarian designs and was never properly set up.”

“Indeed. I’ll be sure to tell our Navy to take a note here and there should we wish to build our own battleships in the future. Either way, should our navies work together, they’d complement each other. Something we could see in the joint exercises.”
King Andrei took another glance of the ERNS Jylland’s paintings. He saw a certain glory in it, but still wasn’t further persuaded that the age of battleships had sailed.
“We’re going to work together closely even on military matters. I don’t see why we shouldn’t work together to form a stronger unified competitor for the market. I believe our futures will bring us closer together and make us stronger, CMOC is one such way. Should you wish to accept.”

“I think I will, but it will have to be confirmed with the Ministry Of Defense first. I don’t how we haven’t brought it up yet, but where exactly does Stoinia want their Military Bases?”
He looked at the table and realized that a Secret Blueprint was right on the table. A secret blueprint of a Secret Battleship. Joshua brushes it off the table with a little bit of force, accidentally knocking over two of the mini flags.
“Sorry about that, you don’t have the security clearance to view that.”

“I understand. However I’m more worried about the flags to be perfectly honest.”
He then opened up a military map and pointed right in the middle of Emerald-Denver.
“For Emerald-Denver we believe a new military base for the army and air force would be optimal near Vailen. A permanent garrison of 2.000 Army and 1.500 Air Force personnel should be sufficient. From there our forces can coordinate military exercises and provide best coverage to the Union. In Spiras we’d like to hold a garrison in Fort Stoinia with roughly 1.000 soldiers alongside a joint military base near Spiry for all combined arms. Both for training and operations in the Mediterranean. I believe President Smith wanted additional bases in Emerald-Denver and Nova Colradia, but that’ll be the phone call for the two of you.”

Joshua picks up the two flags as he listens to Andrei.
“That sounds fine, although I must ask, could The Starhawk pact have training bases of their own in Stoinia? And as for Sallodesia, you’re right, that will definitely be a phone call, I just gotta make time in my schedule.”
He also opened up a map, a map of the Frontlines in Denver.
“We should maybe shift our focus to the matter at hand. The Communists have nearly been defeated, but the Nationalists keep pulling unusual tactics. I say we should defeat the Remains of the communists to free up Task Force Eagle and Denver. As for the Nationalists, I already have the CDF pushing for Bigfox and Union/Stoinian forces are pushing for Vulture.”

“As long as those bases remain strictly for training purposes, I’m sure we can arrange them. We’re here to work together towards a brighter future after all.”
King Andrei leaned forward to get a good view of the map. He was already briefed of course, but wanted to be sure that he was on the same page as King Joshua.
“I agree. If I recall correctly our military officers have called for this weeks ago, but unfortunately your forces didn’t agree at the time. Now that perhaps the Supreme Commanders agree on the matter, we can indeed put an end on to this red calamity. As for Bigfox, we can spare the resources to support. I suggest we can some aerial reconnaissance in advance to plan out our best plan of attacks before fully committing.”

“Oh, they will be training bases.”

“Yes I think Aerial Recon is definitely advisable.”

“You know, now that we have settled everything, I was wondering, How was it like to fight in the Spirasian Civil War? Sgt. Keller here is a SCW Veteran.”

His arm began to ache.

“agh! Damn, I don’t get how Vimmru has been able to recover so quickly. I keep getting arm pains almost daily at this point.”

“Well Vimmru is a hardened man. Though perhaps it might just be Sedunnic blood.” Andrei chuckled. “As for the Spirasian Civil War… Well let’s just say the Royal Court wasn’t too happy that the Heir of the Lion Throne had suddenly went to fight alongside his Tarnian brethren. It was brutal and tense to be sure, trying to save everyone you can. Not a day goes by without me remembering each and every soldier I lost there under my command.”

“True, I did fight Nationalists with him after all.”

“Yeah, My dad, told me and my siblings about his service in the Great War, Only Heir to the Throne to serve in the Army, He served on the Termina Front, and was with Task Force Alpha, when it was surrounded by enemy forces, until the Ryccians rescued the Task Force, but they had earned their name of the Stubborn Task Force, during the 6 months where they were surrounded, they refused to surrender. He told us about every soldier he lost. He died in 2006 to an accidental explosion involving a 50. Cal and SLAAP Rounds.”