Kaiser Wilhelm II and Crown Prince Wilhelm III's royal visit to Sunland

January 15, 2022
Sonnedasfall Imperial Palace, Sonnelannde

The Imperial Palace of the House of Lichtenburg-Hohenzollern-Schwarzeburg in Sonnedasfall

The morning sky was nothing but blue and bright. The lives of ordinary Sunlanders continue as normal that Tuesday. However, for the ruling nobility of Lichtenburg-Hohenzollern-Schwarzeburg, that Tuesday is an important one. The House of Lichtenburg-Hohenzollern-Schwarzeburg is a cadet branch of the much larger House of Lichtenburg-Hohenzollern, the ruling house in the Weissersteiner Empire. Familial bonds between the branches of the house remains strong, and today, both the Kaiser of Weisserstein and the Imperial Crown Prince will be having a visit to their Sunlandic relatives.

As the minutes passed, the King of Sunland, Cristopher Wilhelm, awaits for his distant relatives to arrive from the palace. Meanwhile, his son, Hereditary Prince Friedrich Arnold prepares the palace for the visit. Everything had been set, from the dining areas to the rooms where the Kaiser and Crown Prince will be staying in. The butlers and servants polished every spot of the palace, trimmed the vast gardens, and others to make sure the Imperial Palace is in top shape for the visit. The Imperial Caroleans, the elite royal guard detachment of the Imperial Kingdom, prepares for the arrival.

“Father,” says Prince Arnold as he came inside of the room, “the royal escorts says that they’ll be arriving very soon, shall we go down to greet the Kaiser.”

“Yes, my son, we shall.” responds King Cristopher.

The two walked out of the palace, saluted by their Carolean guards. As they passed, the commander shouted “Heil unser König!”, the rest of the Caroleans responded “Heil!”. The King replied, “Erhalt’ uns Gott”, as they arrive outside of the palace’s gates, waiting for the arrival of the Kaiser and Kronprinz of Weisserstein.

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Convoys of car from the Imperial Confederate escorts the Kaiser of Weisserstein, Wilhelm II, alongside his son and successor, the Crown Prince of Weisserstein, Wilhelm III.

“I haven’t been to Sunland in years.” says the Kaiser, “so it feels nice to finally be able to visit again.”

“I’d assume you’ll move here and enjoy the Sunlandic countryside for your retirement?” asks Wilhelm III jokingly.

“Haha, oh no, I’m not your grandfather. Kaiser Franz Wilhelm.” responds Wilhelm II in a joking manner, “however, I do see now why father loved this place. It’s nice and quiet and peaceful.” he further adds. “Besides, give your old man a chance to rest. I’m already in my 70s”

Wilhelm III bursts with laughter, “haha, of course father. You deserve a chance to rest.”

The car slowly stops outside the palace. There, the famed Sunlandic highlands can be seen from a far.

“We’ve arrived, Eure Majestäten” says the driver to the two royals.

“Thank you for the ride, Eugene. It was a pleasure” says Wilhelm II.

“The pleasure is all mine, your majesty.”

Wilhelm III helps his father exit the car and walks to greet their Sunlandic relatives.

“Oh, it’s okay, I can take it from here.” Says Wilhelm II, “I’m old, but not that old yet. Your old Kaiser still has both his legs working.” he joked

“Of course, father.” Wilhelm III replied with a smile.

“Now then, let us not waste time. It’s not gentlemanly to leave our hosts waiting.” Wilhelm II adds.

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“Look who’s here…” says Prince Arnold.

King Cristopher and Prince Arnold came to greet their newly arrived guests. The Caroleans made their salutes as both pairs make way to each other.

In the background, military musicians played a tune both pairs are not unfamiliar with, the tune used for both the anthem of Weisserstein and the royal anthem of Sunland. A tune both their nations share, a tune both their houses sing to.

The King decided that there was no time to waste, and extends his hand to the Kaiser himself. The King of Sunland to the King of Lichtenburg-Rhineland, who also happen to be the Emperor of Weisserstein.

“Cousin Wilhelm, so glad to be able to see you again. Welcome to our humble abode.”

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Wilhelm embraces his longtime cousin, “Ah, its so good to see you too, Chris.” After giving the Prince-Regent a warm embrace, he turns his attention to Prince Arnold, “Arnold, you’ve grown quite a lot from the last time I’ve visited.” Wilhelm gives his nephew a warm embrace, “I am honored and glad to be here.”

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