July 2023 SPSF Service Report

Hello South Pacificans!

The month of July was intense for the South Pacific Special Forces, and I’m reporting live out of Hasunosora for this one! Now, let’s get started with our review!

Kaho Hinoshita, whom helped me crunch the numbers for this report!

Monthly Statistics

Statistic This Month Trend Monthly Change Percentage Change
Updaters 23 + 14 +64%
Updates 59 +1 +1.72%
Defences 338 -82 -19.5%
Detags 765 +355 +86.6%

Notable Operations

Wow! 765 detags! 765 Production representation let’s go! That joke aside, how did this happen? Well, it was also raidercon, which meant they were really hyperactive especially in that week alone! They even had deathstack runs! But don’t worry though, we made up for that by cleaning lots of it up, as you can tell! They can’t hide from us forever, and no matter what happens, they will be cleaned up at every oppertunity, so let’s keep at it everyone!!

July also saw the South Pacific being taken! Nooo, Tepertopia!! Wait no sorry, not us, the other South Pacific! In one update alone (and only that one), 16 SPSF peeps managed to show up in the fight to liberate South Pacific! With our friends, we managed to free them all in one night, and brought Densaner back in power! Congrats to all who showed!

We also had joint detags with our friends, the Europeian Republican Navy, which was a lot of fun jumping out of Crystal Falls! Then we had our own special ops later on where we spedrun 10 detags, jumping from Fort Chisato Arashi; be sure to thank Kanon Shibuya (no, not me) for leasing the area to us!

Several peeps were also promoted in July! Konsa, Canadian Dominion, and Lirozonia advanced to Soldier, Kotoha Tanaka (not the Idolmaster Million Live idol) to Officer, and Purple Hyacinth advanced to Commander! I’m excited for their dedication and am looking forward to all of them achieving new heights!

Moving on…

New Members!

Hello one and all! Please give a warm welcome to Albasian, Kinomanda, The Age of Utopia, Schoul, and Prudentia to the South Pacific Special Forces! Also, be sure to welcome back Maluhia and Nikto/Somurias! I’ll look forward to seeing you all sometime on the field!

Service Awards

Updates Attended

Rank Ribbon Awarded To
1 most updates Shibuya-Kanon
2 second-most updates Pronoun
3 third-most updates Banexet


Rank Ribbon Awarded To
1 most detags Shibuya-Kanon
2 second-most detags Pronoun
3 third-most detags Banexet


Rank Ribbon Awarded To
1 most defenses Shibuya-Kanon
2 second-most defenses Banexet
3 third-most defenses Pronoun

Rina Tennoji’s reaction here is pretty accurate.

Wow! …It’s lonely up here. More than twice the updates attended than second place, and… This just means you all have work to do so come update more often!!

I also want to send congratulations to Pronoun for making second place in both updates attended and detags, and congrats to Banexet for taking second place in defences! Also, honourable mentions to HumanSanity and Purple Hyacinth, whom had fourth place in updates and detags (HS), and fourth place in defences (Hya)!!

Contact and Conclusion

The stats above really shows how dedicated we are, especially when it comes to detags (did I mention they’re my favourite?)! Contributions are welcome, no matter how small, so thank you! I hope to see you all again on the field! Let’s keep up our performance, shall we!?

Questions? Concerns? Complaints!? Just let me know! Send your mail to 765 Production in Tokyo! I’ll recieve them when I see them, or when someone hands it to me (haha)!

If what the SPSF does looks interesting to you, we’re always welcoming new members! You can apply here.

See you all in the next monthly report!

Lux, Veritas, Virtus.

Welcome to Bokura no Sekai! From the Minister of Defence,

Shibuya Kanon/Kotoha Tanaka