July 2023 Delegate Election | Declarations


This is a regular election for the Delegate of the South Pacific. Please note the following information related to declarations of candidacy.

Candidates must meet all the requirements below in order to be listed on the ballot:

  • Have become a legislator on or before 2023-07-16T14:00:00Z.

  • Have attained 347 endorsements on or before 2023-07-16T14:00:00Z.

  • Declare their candidacy within this topic no later than 2023-07-23T14:00:00Z.

  • Post a topic with a campaign platform and a truthful and complete disclosure of all their potential conflicts of interest within NationStates.

Refer to the following resources for information on regional elections:

I nominate anjo and Amerion.

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I nominate @Griffindor and @Poppy and second the nominations of @anjo and @Amerion.

Thank you for the nominations! It was awesome and a great honour to serve as TSP’s Delegate for almost a year now, but I can really feel the burnout settling in, so I have to decline here.


I nominate @Penguin

@KrisKringle Is the election process now on hold until the “16 days before august” requirement is met?

[Waiting for 16 days prior to come about before making an announcement]


Thank you for the nomination, but at this time I am in no condition to do what needs to be done for the role of delegate.

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I am most humbled by the nomination, especially after having declined a couple of times before.

I accept.