Journey To The Core - A New Multi-Participant Exploration RP! [Cancelled]

Hello everybody!

What follows is my proposal for a new roleplay I’ve been planning, where most of the canon will be able to participate! I was planning on simply naming it “Journey to the Core”, but if there are other suggestions, I’d be most happy to read them. :]

The roleplay will be as follows:

At the start of 3 ABT the Galactyan Empire will send a formal invitation to any nation it has feeble, neutral or positive diplomatic relations with, asking them if they’d wish to participate in the Empire’s special expedition to the Galactic Core. Each nation would send it’s own team (probably a rather large one, but that is up to the participants) of researchers, scientists, explorers and other figures to represent their nation in the large expedition.

The nations that would be invited are:

  • Star Empire Of Calerost
  • Drakari Celestial Imperium
  • Ferristia
  • Colonus Pact
  • Union Of Emerald
  • Holy Imperium Of Trianar
  • Akropii Republic
  • Common Republic Of Colestia
  • Ryccian Empire
  • Conglomerated States Of Kalgyul
  • Rehy
  • Weissersteiner Empire
  • Grand Commissariat Of Enver
  • Allied Nations Of Alvira
  • Scientific Directorate Of Rosecordia
  • Treecuu Star Empire

The Traveller’s Comet.

The expedition would be carried out by the “Traveller’s Comet”, a 45 kilometers large ship outfitted with an updated Ringular Gravity Warp (RGW) Drive, capable of both Realspace and Interdimensional FTL. The ship would be it’s own isolated world, with internal gardens, entertainment centers, research stations, transport network. It would also have it’s own communications network, and through a Galactyan relay crews would be able to communicate directly with their own governments and families. Also, all nations will be able to send small groups of exploratory vessels along on the trip, which would stay inside the Comet’s hangars whenever the ship is travelling, or whenever the ship is in a dangerous location.

During the 28000 light years journey, the Comet would travel both in RFTL and IFTL, exploring star systems, rogue planets, nebulae and interstellar space along the way to the Galactic Core, which would take around a year to reach.

Even though the ship will remain connected with the Sector, it will still remain mostly isolated from the events happening inside of it; this, combined with the overall IC length of the roleplay, will allow people to reply and post with a very leisurely pace, and their preferred post length. Additionally, the roleplay can also be split up into different threads if we find that to be easier to coordinate and handle. Perhaps, a starting thread for when all the teams get on the ship and the Comet departs, and other threads for different adventures and events.

Everyone will be able to propose adventures, events and topics to explore on this thread, and if there’s enough interest in them, we’ll be able to carry them out in the roleplay.

So yeah, that was my idea!

If you guys are interested in participating in this roleplay, just let me know down below! Equally, if you have any further questions, feel free to ask, and I’ll respond the best I can.

Thank you for reading! ^^


Are we allowed to leave A1-0?


Yeah, but if you establish that there’s x thing in x location outside of the Sector you need everyone to agree beforehands


But since basically everybody who’s still active in the canon has the opportunity to participate, I think we’re very much in the right to get out and go to the Core


I’m on board as long as we find a way to sidestep existing civilizations outside of the sector


Yeah I was planning on not encountering any civilization outside of it

We could even establish the contrary, maybe that the Sector is an anomalous island of advanced civilizations surrounded by a sea of nothing

Regardless of what we choose, we won’t encounter any civilization in the strict sense

Maybe a system occupied by ancient and now purposeless self-replicating machines will probably be the most we’ll do

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Do note that lore has established there are lawless barbarians south of the Sector. Especially beneath the SSK

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Don’t worry, we won’t be going there

Actually wait a sec, I’ll show you guys a map of the journey

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Trianar also has some existing lore with extra-sector civilizations: Hemmerhaldians were refugees from a dying but already established space empire fall out of the sector and Trianar once fought a nomadic peoples that resided within the Southern Red Nebula

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Siva from destiny, is that you?!?

Not actually, I was thinking more like Christian Cline’s “The Teeming Universe”

@Flaming @Maverick

The trip would be on a “straight” line from Galactya, directly to the Core, with the ship stopping to visit the systems and objects that can be found along the path

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Yes, is m interesting in this.

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Colonus can send some people, but in 3 ABT they have much more important scientific endeavors happening so it would not be a big group, nor would it be the best of the best

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that’s fine, dw

Also, how big are we planning to make the groups?

Considering the sheer size of our nations, it would make sense for each team to be in the hundreds or more

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Colonus can send 5

More as observers to see what’s out there and report back to Colonus, but they’ll still contribute

Probably like forty scientists, and sixty ish rift walkers for mapping out the space around the Travelers comet incase we need to walk back to the SDR