January 2024 SPSF Service Report

Hey TSP!

The first two-thirds of the month was relatively quiet due to fash-bashes in Brebina and elsewhere, but we spent the last third of the month sieging and waiting in UEPU.

Monthly Statistics

Statistic This Month Trend Monthly Change Percentage Change
Updaters 23 +2 +09.52%
Updates 49 +6 +13.95%
Defenses 66 -174 -72.50%
Detags 266 -32 -10.74%

Notable Operations

There was a noticeable downtick in defenses, probably largely due to the fash-bash raid in Brebina. The major raid this month was UEPU, which we spent the last 10 days of the month in and had a whopping 16 liberators show up for, the most SPSFers in an update for several months. We sieged UEPU for four updates and spent the rest of the month waiting and piling up influence.

New SPSF Members

Please welcome @ripperzeta, @dannymcglurk, and @Ranteron to the South Pacific Special Forces! We’re looking forward to working with you all on the battlefield.

Service Awards

Updates Attended

Rank Ribbon Awarded To
1 most updates150x45 Shibuya-Kanon
2 second-most updates150x45 Banexet
3 third-most updates150x45 Kimaeus


Rank Ribbon Awarded To
1 most detags150x45 Shibuya-Kanon
2 second-most detags150x45 Banexet
3 third-most detags150x45 Kimaeus


Rank Ribbon Awarded To
1 most defenses150x45 Shibuya-Kanon
2 second-most defenses150x45 Banexet
3 third-most defenses150x45 Kimaeus

Congrats to @Shibuya-Kanon for yet again sweeping the leaderboard in updates attended, detags, and defenses! I’ll also shoutout @kimaeus for taking third in all categories.

Tidal Force Recap

This month was the third since the Tidal Force’s revival. The Tidal Force is TSP’s off-update force, for people who want to defend but aren’t available at update times or don’t have Discord. In January, the Tidal Force had the following 9 detags: Imperial Death Dead Banana Place, South Osea, Accelerated, The Reaches of the Darkest Depths, Vograterean Centre, The Governors Alliance of Virgil Twelve, Anti Raider Union, Fridgefield, and Moestuin. If you are interested in the Tidal Force, then check out this dispatch !

Contact and Conclusion

Even though we had reduced numbers of defenses this month (mostly due to less chasing opportunities), you guys showed up when it counted in UEPU. We had a whopping 16 liberators show up on the first update, the most since the liberation of South Pacific last July.

If anyone has any questions, comments, or concerns, just let me know! We’re open to any suggestions to make the SPSF a better defender force.

If what the SPSF does looks interesting to you, we’re always welcoming new members! You can apply here.