Izaakian State Visit to Keanu and Hurley

Montwælda Walter Rombold had spent the weekend relaxing and spearfishing off the coast of Brodlancia near Surfers Paradise after a successful business summit in the city. He spent Monday morning canoeing along the coast with his family, and did a small hike up to see a waterfall.

At around 11am, he returned to the sea front property that they’d rented out for the weekend. He showered, and attended to a few urgent matters of state, and by 12.30 the president, his wife and three kids were packed and dressed up ready go. It was a short trip to the IAF West Surfers Paradise, and by 1pm they were onboard the supersonic state jet Bomber Command One and airborne. The 1000km flight to Keanu was completed in an around 45 minutes, during which they had a light snack.

After landing in Keanu Airstrip, which was built by the Izaakian Air Force in the 1940s leading up to the Great War they transferred into Fighter Squadron One, the state helicopter and flew another 20km to Manta Island where they landed at the sea front property of the King Keanu.


King Keanu rose bright and early on a fine Keanuan Monday morning. He made himself a Chai Latte in a travel mug and took a stroll down the beach into the town of Spring Bay.

In Spring Bay he stopped off at the Palm Tree Bakery and examined some of the baked goods he had ordered for the days events and say hello to the baking team. After that he met his chef Happy, who was at the butchers, picking up the Wagyu Beef for the afternoons BBQ. After a thorough examination of Keanu and Hurleys best beef, they had a quick Almond Croissant on the beach from the Palm Tree Bakery and they hopped in the truck with Happy and headed back to the house.

Back at the house, king Keanu welcomed the Keanuan Elite Marines, who were due to perform the famous Keanuan Haka for the President of Izaakia. After some greetings, they all headed to the beach for a few hours surfing.

They were still surfing when PM Taika and his wife Rita sailed in around 11am, and then shortly after Foreign Minister Princess Kauai arrived on a jet ski. Later through the day all of the cabinet ministers and their families were due to arrive.

At about 1.40pm they heard the sonic boom of Bomber Command one, and they started to get ready, by 2pm the BBQs were hot and drinks starting to flow when Fighter Squadron One arrived over the horizon, and landed on the beach, kicking up lots of sea spray.

King Keanu wearing nothing but board shorts and flip flops approached the helicopter and welcomed his guests.