Into the Darkness

The air and ground were scorching hot, as usual. The spiraline harvests went poorly this year, so It had to starve for a while. But not anymore, today the hardships end. It was chosen to chart the vast desert wastelands beyond, where the mind of the Great Light hardly reaches. It was promised a position of explorator if It eturned with a good map. It wasn’t important, It was expendable, that is likely why it was It which would go. It wasn’t a He or She, let alone something else. It wasn’t important enough for this kind of individuality. It didn’t have a name either.
It had never left the farm before, It wasn’t allowed to. It wasn’t important enough to herd bendaa or Lessers, so It grew fruit and leaves. It farmed plants for Its whole life, spiraline this year, but others in the past. But not anymore, that day everything would change.
Armed with no more than a pencil, a sheet of paper and some spiraline fruit and water, It will depart soon. Another worker would soon arrive to take Its place, and then It will depart, to no one knows where.


This rp has been retconned, as the topic it was meant to cover is no longer applicalbe. Sorry to anyone that got excited :frowning:

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