Installed Plugins & Theme Components

Discourse extensions are packages as either plugins or theme components.

Plugins installed on these forums:

Name Description
discourse-akismet Submits posts to Akismet for spam protection
discourse-automation (admins only) Automates actions on the forum
discourse-bbcode BBcode support
discourse-bcc (admins & mods only) Allows BCC’ing in private messages
discourse-cakeday Show a birthday cake beside the user’s name on their birthday or on the date they joined the forums
discourse-calendar Displays a calendar in the first post of a topic
discourse-custom-wizard (admins only) What we use for forms/wizards
discourse-data-explorer (admins only) Interface for running SQL requires on the forum database
discourse-gamification Awards user with a score for accomplishments
discourse-reactions Allows users to react with emojis to a post
discourse-saved-searches Saves your searches for quick access and notification of new posts
discourse-spoiler-alert Classic content spoiler that blurs text
discourse-subscription-client (admins only) Used for subscription-based plugins
discourse-templates Create templates for frequently used snippets
discourse-tsp-markdown Custom BBcode & HTML whitelisting for TSP

Here are the theme components:

Name Description
Category List Banners Adds banners above categories
Dark-Light Toggle Adds a toggle to manually switch between dark and light mode
DiscoTOC Adds a table of contents to posts
Hamburger links component Adds custom links to the main hamburger menu
Table Builder Helps you build markdown tables in the composer
Topic Banners Allows setting a topic as a “banner” on a category page
Welcome Link Banner Adds a welcome banner for new users

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