Im_a_waffle1 (The Federation of Antarctica)

im_a_waffle1’s Citizenship Application

Question Answer
TSP Nation The Federation of Antarctica
Main Nation New Fernia
WA Nation Fluid WA with the LDF
Discord waffledogefern
Other Involvement
Doge Land Goanya
Other Regions:
The League/Concord Arrosia

I pledge to uphold the laws of the Coalition of the South Pacific.

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Hey @im_a_waffle1, thanks for applying! Since you have a floating World Assembly membership, could you list multiple nations so that your World Assembly membership can be traced throughout the application process?

Currently my WA is on NationStates | The Fiefdom of Among Us Sussy Impostor, if I move WA for one of the libs they keep pinging me for it will be on NationStates | The Federation of Puppetsweep your Dairy, and generally when there is no ongoing operation it will be in NationStates | The Republic of Uulgadzar.

A note- my WA has been moved to NationStates | The Holy Federation of New Fernia for the forseeable future.

Welcome! Your application is pending.

While you’re waiting, feel free to check out our Discord server.

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You have been accepted!

Congratulations on becoming a Citizen! If you haven’t done so yet, you can join our Discord server here. And of course, feel free to ask any questions!

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