Icelast Peace Conference

Delegates of the Ryccian Federation, League of Cordilia, Doge Land, and all other interested parties have convened in Icelast to discuss peace terms.

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The Peony looked outside the hotel balcony as summer rolls into Ryccia. She and her delegations had arrived a couple of days before to rediscuss their plans. The Peony sat with the People’s Speaker, Renatta Yokosuki for the first time in foreign lands on a foreign discussion in a foreign land.

Renatta was the speaker for the lower house of Huawan, the People’s Council. She was also a good friend of The Peony’s Mother, Akane Yan, they both came from stardom of course. Renatta was indeed a remnant of the so-called Cosmopolitan Politics of Akane Yan, and she was among one of the populist leaders at the time. Her strict persona was imperative in whipping the people’s elected councillors in the council, her actions ensured partisan and interest politics remained at bay. Now Renatta was a member of the delegation to the Icelast Peace Conference, and she was still confused about her inclusion in the delegation.

“Appendix 9 of document 4 doesnt really translate well with the demands of the LoC, and there’s no way that the Gianaltans would agree with point 10 of document 2.” Said The Peony, buttering her toast.

“The council also has some reservations with article 3, they think it would be too lax on the Ryccians. Anything further would try to spook them.” Responded Renatta, looking at her notes while drinking some tea.

“It is imperative that Peonic interests is maintained in these talks. We have lost a lot of things in this conflict and I can’t help but shake that there will be disagreements in our policies on how to approach this.” Said The Peony, “our delegation would need help from the People’s council to voice the representative interests well.”

“I’ve been meaning to ask, Yan.” Renatta asked, she was close enough to The Peony to be on such a basis, Renatta was her babysitter at some point. “I understand that my inclusion was imperative in the Sallodesian presidential swearing, but why must I be included in the Icelast Peace Conference.”

The Peony sipped her tea, it was alright to be brazen. The entire balcony was booked only for the two or them.

“The instability of the People’s Council in regards to this war would mean it difficult for us to attain a satisfactory result for the lower house, if we were to do this on our own.” Answered The Peony, “The People’s Council wanted nothing more than to hang every single Junta member in Ryccia, and even now they are distrustful of the provisional government, especially with them jumping into Thalapadis without hesitation.”

“And you would want me to keep our interests in check?”

“I want you to ensure that the inclusion of the People’s Council be present in the talks. Ensure that the results of these talks are in line with the council’s wishes and prevent a political crisis. We can’t have a rogue house, not at this time. The council trusts you to voice their interests more than the diplomats, ensure that they are right.”

Renatta understood. She took her tea and continued her notes, she was to stand with Yan the same way she stood with her mother.

They both hoped the conference yielded something fruitful.

The Peonic delegation arrived in the conference room, and waited for moderation to begin.

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