IC The Izaakian Endurance Rally

Howdy, this is the thread for IC interactions and results to the Izaakian Endurance Rally. Feel free to make any comments on your teams performance, news stories, background stories behind teams, etc.

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The Izaakian Endurance Rally - History

The Izaakian Endurance Rally was first held in 1901, and has been held every year since except 1915 during the Second Izaakian-Karnetvor War and 1953 at the peak of the Great War when Izaakia was heavily engaged on home soil against Karnetvor and Techganet.

Over the course of those 122 years and 119 races, the purpose and vehicles embarking on this deadly, treacherous and challenging feat of endurance have changed vastly.

In the original 1901 race a handful of Izaakian automotive manufacturers from Keyli, Hai Men and Sallodesia set out to test their cars through three stages of twisting alpine roads to test their reliability and ability to deal with steep gradients and tough terrain. The aim of the game was not to finish first, but to finish at all.

By the mid 1920s, and as Izaakia started to become richer, the sport became an open field, with amateur teams from across Izaakia entering. Largely a pursuit of the rich, the cars got faster, and flashier.

The first International team came to the Izaakian Rally in 1932 from the Sallodesians who after gaining independence in 1920 finally retook their place in the Izaakian Rally as relations normalised. The Sallodesians became the first foreign team to win the Rally in 1943.

When the Great War started in 1949 there was a sudden drop off in foreign teams who by this point made half the field, as safe passage to Izaakia could not be guaranteed. The Izaakian army decided to make up the numbers with multiple divisions entering during the war years, and used to the event to develop their off road vehicle capability.

The race was cancelled in 1953 as Karnetvorian forces encroached into Izaakian territory. In 1954 the SASI won the first race for a 4x4 vehicle and the first victory for the armed forces, however, this was due to fuel rationing which prevented amateur teams from entering.

After the war ended the military, and particularly the newly formed Special Air Service (SASI) dominated the race until 1958 when rationing fully ended and economic hardships ended.

The races from 1959 to 1980 were once again dominated by 2wd cars with foreign teams returning in full force to the race, which had now reached its maximum extent, much the same rally stages as the current race.

Then in 1981 the Gianaltan Ehrlich racing team took advantage of rule changes and built a 4x4 rally car, which unlike the heavy 4x4 vehicles of the 1950s Army dominated era with heavy transfer boxes managed to combine speed with 4x4 off-road ability. This rally car took the world by surprise, and won 4 Izaakian Endurance rallies in a row. No team has won the rally with a 2wd ever since.

In 1987 most car specification rules were dropped, including the requirement for the car to be commercially available. This has allowed a great diversity of car designs, with varying effectiveness over the years.

Since 1987 the only rules have been, a) the car must have a role cage that surrounds the driver and co-driver, b) there must be seating for a driver and co-driver, c) the car must be run on the same specification throughout all 10 stages, with any repairs being like for like, excluding tyres which may be changed.

Over the years, this race has gained a reputation as one of the most gruelling and dangerous races on the planet. 132 people have died trying to complete this race over its history and every year since 2000, 2 in 5 entrants do not make it to the end of the race due to crashes and breakdowns.

The race is also one of the most varied rallies in the world, with terrain varying from muddy bogs, gravel roads, smooth tarmac, snowy mountain passes and icey glaciers.


Hello, and welcome to stage one of the 120th Izaakian Endurance Rally. The 2023 race consists of 4000km of twisty mountain tracks, sandy dunes and treacherous glaciers. This year we have 64 teams from 24 nations, in what’s proving to be one of the South Pacific’s most popular motorsports events.

Number Country Team Name Sponsors Driver Co-Driver
1 Izaakia Badger Racing Badger Chocolate Company / HMKC Micky Chang Bobby Winters
2 Izaakia Ice Shark Ice Shark / Cosmos Alicia Santos Heinrich Gant
3 Izaakia Taiga Azure Taiga Technology / Azure Telecoms Charlie Deane Emily Cooper
4 Izaakia Ice Fox Ice Fox Motors / Angelo Beer 0% Hugo Heinriksen Astrid Iceborn
5 Stoinia Stoic Dolocia Dolocia Automotive / Stoic Airways Florin Rotariu Kelemen Laszlo
6 Stoinia Sinarion CFR Sinarion Ilarion Olaru Cătălin Gilcă
7 Stoinia Tuaroni Tuaroni Ion Blerincă Cosmin Cinca
8 Stoinia StoDin Stoinescu Ltd. / Dinescu Vineyards Iulian Heruscu Viorela Funar
9 Sallodesia Casarius Casarius Industries Andrew Ryder Adriaan De Villiers
10 Sallodesia Gallagher Gallagher Desmond Reynolds Jeremy Collins
11 Sallodesia Carlton Sharks Carlton Armory / Sharkish Airlines Tomatsu Takahiro Sakina Abega
12 Sallodesia Theunson Theunissen Breweries / Anderson Adventures Ryan Green Cora Palmer
13 Montacia Rampart Rampart Defence Industries Col. Gus Beufort Cap. Hassan Ali
14 Montacia Manta Manta Heavy Industries Terri Berry Garth Powers
15 Montacia Marlin Marlin Insurance / Vault Banking Wayne Smith Austin Heeley
16 Montacia Buzz Buzz Automotive / Blanc Supermarkets Aurelia Blanc Ernie Blanc
17 Brodlancia Renevato Renevato Pharmaceuticals Lewis Snow Klara DeVries
18 Brodlancia Nord Racing Vino Nord / Kim Hai Men Hotels Bram Garside Sharif Umair
19 Brodlancia Estrella - Sainz Estrella Clothing Company / Sainz Engineering Carlos Sainz Melissa David
20 Brodlancia Sting Ray Sting Ray Telecoms Hugo Hardman Tony Izaaks
21 Gianatla Ehrlich Racing Ehrlich Sebastian Funkel Maria Funkel
22 Gianatla Léon X-Team Léon Lara Katzberg Timo Schenk
23 Snolland Hoshit Dreamers Hoshit / Danam Takkin Lars Maran Einar Diderson
24 Hazelia Braun Automotive Braun / Tollunak Juri Meinen Samm Meinen
25 Besern Engineers of Zweisaubach Bersches-Teknologie / National Automotive Rally Association Andein Druhersonn Fraltuhr Karmorf
26 Holy Free Tropische Haaien Korneel Toef Korneel Toef Pier Raamsman
27 Ikoania Warriors of Setuon Henrig Rojez á Setian Henrig Rojez á Setian Nouman Rojez á Setian
28 Sedunn 14F Osse, ILLK, Enterprise ST Lok Pikard Djordi Rajjkerr
29 Sedunn HF Assek HF Vimmru Aspennienn Ron Ansallu
30 Sedunn Clemen-Inniennō Clemen-Inniennō Typp Haddallu Matts Kimsienn
31 Sedunn All Electric Racing EP, BELLVINN Hevv Nillet Paksarr Glenienn
32 Ryccia Azuraline Racing Rycctel, Hanblen, Likeig, Lislid, Bank of Daonlathas Thomas Yanblein Danielle Thirsiyin
33 Cimbrian Confederation Racerhold Et Emeraldian Motors, Old Jyllandic Farms, The Cimbrian Royal Bank, Eagle-Wolf Airlines Christian Lorsen Henryk Jensen
34 Conaro Cúzaro Prince Marco VIII Cúzaro Duke Jac Cúzaro Giúseppo Barbieri
35 Wesserstein Löwenlander Löwe Löwenlander Motorische Werke Freiherr Fritz Augustine von Glücksburg Albert Weninger
36 Wesserstein Gunter-Stein Zweihänder Gunter-Stein Werke Erwin Ehrhardt Anton Bach
37 Arnchow Powerade-Minna Powerade energy drinks, Minna automobiles, 10 others. Langdon Xi Luong Tranh
38 Arnchow Red Kettle Tiantang Tea and Coffee Holdings, 5 others Spanner Spinelli James Liu
39 Huawan Ruusuvuori Electric Auto Ruusuvuori Electric Auto, 3 others Petarin Makkiainen Laura Toivola
40 Huawan Jade Dragons Crowdfunded Zhikun Ha Tomi Leppänen
41 Huawan Lotus University Team Lotus University, 20 others Riika Tan Silque Saito
42 Huawan Benri-Minna Benri Holdings, Minna Automotive, 10 others Diego Park Jo Mahon Seong
43 UPRAN Ammos Eagles Gelegea Mechanical, Taraforeas Packages, Sokolitano Chocolates Eros Architzis Vlassis Cosmou
44 Antarcha Antarchan Wolfdogs Flurtex Technologies LLC Katrina Sümma Johannes Lékris
45 Antarcha Fur Alaza Ölfénkar Suppliers INC Jann Zarken Kristofur Zarken
46 Antarcha White Flurries BLAST ENERGY DRINKS LLC Marisa Króssaks Ölan Karz
47 Fi Hami Ki Nixi Kakono Fishery Ha’Fi Nanoka Sa’imi Nanoka
48 Thalapadis Xenides falcons Xenides Panoplia, Xenides automotive Aniketos Remou Sergios Lorotis
49 Thalapadis sta ouránia Etomo aeronautical systems, Thalapadian airways, TAV commercial Gianni Agnilis Spyro Garoulis
50 Thalapadis Light metal Katapieí chocolate company, Rea Contakou Xanthippi Baridi Mihalis Christidis
51 Thalapadis X32 Vivliapoli Vivliapoli racing club “X32” Photios Balellis Irida Cosmili
52 IZK Aput Aput Tribe Aput, Government of Izaakia Snow Walker Fire Burner
53 IZK M’ania M’ania Tribe M’ania, Government of Izaakia Buffalo Warrior Hawk Hunter
54 IZK Ma’kaui Ma’Kau Tribe Ma’Kau, Government of Izaakia Dolphin Rider Whale Catcher
55 IZK Ra’Kau Ra’Kau Tribe Ra’Kau, Government of Izaakia Seahawk Dream Catcher
56 Eflad Trek Racing Trek Jan Keller Udo Meyer
57 Eflad Grund Endurance Grund engineering Sonya Müller Matthias See
58 Qaweritoyu The Red Lions Hickey Weddings Rahul Andrade Kieran Carrillo
59 Qaweritoyu The Red Lionesses Caesar Sisters Lilian Friedman Rita Whitney
60 Qaweritoyu The Colourless Gender-Neutral Animals Carew Musicals Lyla Mosley Eugene Armstrong
61 Qaweritoyu The Colourful Parrots Curry Cleaners Margie Curry Romeo Farrell
62 Amberholde Blonde Badgers Terry’s Care Assistance Sebastien Terry Gloria Howe
63 Amberholde Thunder Gods Dominguez’s Christina Dominguez Sadie Roth
64 Ikaranara Saaten Safarai (Falling suns) Ikarn Motorways, Teksun Industries Brexten Almanaro Kořko Almanaro

Here at West Manta beach tens of thousands of spectators are lining the dunes to watch the start of the most famous rally motor race in the world. The mood is festive, with food tents, beer and last night a concert with some of the worlds biggest stars. Let’s hope the drivers have been staying off the grog. Even President Clara Storm is here today to soak up the atmosphere and set the firing gun on the race.


What makes this race unique, is that all the competitions Race head to head, 64 of the worlds best off-road champions fighting out out in wheel to wheel racing.

Stage 1 - Peninsula

At 486km Stage 1 the Peninusla is one of the longest and most varied stages of the Izaakian rally, covering everything from sand dunes, to mountain passes this is in every a taster session for the rally as a whole.

The opening stage starts on West Manta Beach, a 60km long beach that at stages is up to 600m wide. All the contestants will start together as the clock strikes 10am, and will have 12km to fight it out of the lead before the route narrows down. They must check their route across the beach carefully, if you get close to the water you have firmer sand in which to go faster, but then you have to cut across 200m of your competitors to get to the dune stage.

From there they will be forced to battle it out for 6km of narrow sand dune paths, before hitting the old route 1 highway.

The old Route 1 will lead them inland for 6km, from which they will take a route slightly inland to the volcanic plains stage. The gravel roads and rock will be an early and punishing task for the competitors, testing their suspension and build quality to their limits. This stage is a gruelling 34km long.

Following on from this, the racers cross over the highway 1 and return to West Manta Beach which they will follow for 9km until its end, starting the first asphalt part of the race. The narrow, winding and picturesque coastal road will take them 103km to lands end.

The racers will then circle the lighthouse, before heading south west along an old gravel forest track for 46km, approaching the peninsula mountain range.

The racers will then begin to climb a gravel track and race for 190km through winding hairpin bends, severe climbs and sudden drops. This is considered one of the most dangerous sections of the rally. As the drivers come back down onto the plains they will cross 80km of high speed racing across wide open plains as they approach Manta City.


Stage 1 - Peninsula

The first stage has been an exciting day for all the teams, the most crowded and competitive stage of the race this can really make or break your race.
The teams all came off the line cleanly and avoided crashing on the first beach.

The top teams in the race were Badger Racing from Izaakia and Team Sting Ray from Brodlancia who both came across the finish line neck and neck which will please the home crowd.

Gallagher from Sallodesia came third, with Fur Alaza from Antarcha coming across the line with the Izaakian Aput Tribe in 4th.

It’s not been all good news for Izaakian teams though, Team Marlin from Montacia was wiped out irrecoverably after a crash with Ehrlich Racing of Gianatla. Sebastian Funkel of team Elrich apologied to team Marlins Wayne Smith and Austin Heeley and blamed the crash on a collapsed and roll bar. Both teams drivers and co-drivers are unhurt and were seen drinking at the beer tent later in the day.

Number Country Team Name Time Split Position
1 Izaakia Badger Racing 245 0 1
20 Brodlancia Sting Ray 245 0 1
10 Sallodesia Gallagher 246 -1 3
45 Antarcha Fur Alaza 248 -3 4
52 IZK Aput Aput Tribe 248 -3 4
59 Qaweritoyu The Red Lionesses 249 -4 6
32 Ryccia Azuraline Racing 250 -5 7
22 Gianatla Léon X-Team 252 -7 8
23 Snolland Hoshit Dreamers 252 -7 8
27 Ikoania Warriors of Setuon 255 -10 10
44 Antarcha Antarchan Wolfdogs 255 -10 10
57 Eflad Grund Endurance 255 -10 10
14 Montacia Manta 258 -13 13
8 Stoinia StoDin 259 -14 14
53 IZK M’ania M’ania Tribe 259 -14 14
30 Sedunn Clemen-Inniennō 260 -15 16
36 Wesserstein Gunter-Stein Zweihänder 264 -19 17
60 Qaweritoyu The Colourless Gender-Neutral Animals 264 -19 17
16 Montacia Buzz 265 -20 19
35 Wesserstein Löwenlander Löwe 266 -21 20
6 Stoinia Sinarion 267 -22 21
58 Qaweritoyu The Red Lions 268 -23 22
9 Sallodesia Casarius 269 -24 23
41 Huawan Lotus University Team 269 -24 23
55 IZK Ra’Kau Ra’Kau Tribe 269 -24 23
25 Besern Engineers of Zweisaubach 274 -29 26
50 Thalapadis Light metal 276 -31 27
40 Huawan Jade Dragons 278 -33 28
46 Antarcha White Flurries 285 -40 29
24 Hazelia Braun Automotive 288 -43 30
28 Sedunn 14F 288 -43 30
49 Thalapadis sta ouránia 288 -43 30
43 UPRAN Ammos Eagles 289 -44 33
47 Fi Hami Ki Nixi 290 -45 34
42 Huawan Benri-Minna 291 -46 35
38 Arnchow Red Kettle 293 -48 36
61 Qaweritoyu The Colourful Parrots 293 -48 36
19 Brodlancia Estrella - Sainz 295 -50 38
37 Arnchow Powerade-Minna 295 -50 38
62 Amberholde Blonde Badgers 297 -52 40
7 Stoinia Tuaroni 298 -53 41
64 Ikaranara Saaten Safarai (Falling suns) 298 -53 41
13 Montacia Rampart 299 -54 43
34 Conaro Cúzaro 299 -54 43
48 Thalapadis Xenides falcons 299 -54 43
11 Sallodesia Carlton Sharks 300 -55 46
2 Izaakia Ice Shark 304 -59 47
54 IZK Ma’kaui Ma’Kau Tribe 306 -61 48
56 Eflad Trek Racing 308 -63 49
63 Amberholde Thunder Gods 309 -64 50
4 Izaakia Ice Fox 311 -66 51
17 Brodlancia Renevato 311 -66 51
5 Stoinia Stoic Dolocia 314 -69 53
3 Izaakia Taiga Azure 315 -70 54
33 Cimbrian Confederation Racerhold Et 316 -71 55
31 Sedunn All Electric Racing 317 -72 56
12 Sallodesia Theunson 318 -73 57
39 Huawan Ruusuvuori Electric Auto 319 -74 58
29 Sedunn HF Assek 321 -76 59
18 Brodlancia Nord Racing 322 -77 60
51 Thalapadis X32 Vivliapoli 322 -77 60
26 Holy Free Tropische Haaien 326 -81 62
15 Montacia Marlin DNF -555 63
21 Gianatla Ehrlich Racing DNF -555 63

Stage 2 - Climb to Slaughter House
After an exciting stage 1 through the Manta Peninsula we progress to Stage 2 The Climb to Slaughterhouse. Starting in the Docklands at Manta City the drivers will be released at 10am plus their split time from the leaders in stage 1. They will power for 5km through a dramatic Docklands scenery.
From there they will follow the winding asphalt coastal road for 23km, before heading inland 40km. They will then ford the braided glacial river system east of the Snowborn Alps, beginning one of the most technical climbs of the race.

The off-road track starts as a wide gravel track that follows the base of the mountain round to the north for 40 km. They then join a former quarry track that steeply climbs the first 500m of the mountain, combining hairpin bends with dramatic drops.
A small narrow winding track then takes teams along a ridge for 5km climbing another 800m above the snow line.

They will then arrive at St Jezza a ski resort in the west Snowborn Alps. Traveling through the narrow streets, before heading up the snowy black rated ski slope. The steep snowy gradient will test the traction of the vehicles to their limits, and the skills of the drivers. The course will peak at 2500m where the drivers will then turn down a second ski slope heading south. Dropping down to 2000m altitude before joining and old Winter War era track that the Izaakians used to fight off karnetvorian forces.

This track lasts for 120km winding through the peaks before dropping down into the Slaughter Bogs where they will navigate muddy terrain and Ford numerous rivers before reaching the finish line at Slaughter House. It is understood the Ryccian team have been asked to make camp outside the house grounds.