Hyperlinks and images on the wiki

I’d like to report two issues on the wiki:

  1. Sometimes hyperlinks generate a false address with w/W/ in it instead of only w/. This seems to be random and I cannot actively recreate it. It seems to occur more commonly when clicking on “Recent changes”. When the address does get the extra capital W, clicking again on “Recent changes” yields the correct address.

  2. Uploaded images since the server transfer seem to have rendering/rescaling issues. It looks like new thumbnails aren’t generated properly any more and new images are often not displayed at all. (Gallery of new files - TSP Encyclopedia)

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You’ll need to provide some examples here of the first problem. I can’t troubleshoot a bug that can’t be consistently recreated. :\

Note that the wiki has abysmal utilization, so this will be on the bottom of my list of priorities unfortunately.

The bug can be recreated, at least from my and other people’s side, simply by either manually writing a URL (“wiki.thesouthpacific.org/w/[Title]”, which will redirect to “wiki.thesouthpacific.org/w/W/[Title]”) or if e.g. a link to a wiki-page is shared over on Discord. Then the same problem occurs.

There is one way to circumvent this problem, which is to omit the “/w” when typing in the page’s URL manually or deleting the “/w” when sharing a link somewhere (the link would then read "wiki.thesouthpacific.org/[Title]), so the second “/w” created by the site itself is either not created or at least can’t hinder someone at accessing the desired page, but that isn’t a practical solution in the end.

I just tested this on a random page, linking it in Discord and then clicking on the link. I’m not able to reproduce.


I’m not sure I can provide a good example. Sometimes, at random I believe, clicking a link on the wiki generates an address with the extra W. Now I don’t get that error, but I think it looks like this when it occurs: https://wiki.thesouthpacific.org/w/W/Special:RecentChanges.

Here’s an example. Clicking on a wiki link for “Sedunn (Pacifica)” gave this: https://wiki.thesouthpacific.org/w/W/Sedunn_(Pacifica). Clicking on it again gave: Sedunn (Pacifica) - TSP Encyclopedia.

Still not able to reproduce anything like this. You’ll need to provide step-by-step instructions on how you’re finding this error. Otherwise, there’s nothing I’m really able to do here if it can’t be consistently reproduced. There’s nothing obviously in the back-end routing that would produce this or even allow that URL structure to work.

Unfortunately this seems very random. What produces this is clicking on hyperlinks on the wiki, both “Recent changes”, but also those generated by wiki text. I can’t reproduce these at will, they just happen sometimes, then when it happened, it doesn’t happen with the same hyperlink immediately again.

Best I can do in this case is recommend you clear your browser cache, since this can’t be reproduced.


Ok, so if the hyperlink errors are irregular and can’t be fixed, and are prevented with a small URL change on the user’s side, then that’s fixed. The bigger issue here was the images that aren’t loading. As Qwert said in the OP, Gallery of new files - TSP Encyclopedia shows that nearly every file’s thumbnail is not loading on the new wiki.

Also, the wiki doesn’t have abysmal utilization- it is edited by several people every day, and there are most likely a lot more people just viewing the wiki. This is around the same amount of use that the forum gets on a daily basis, at least from what I have seen.


The thumbnail issue has been fixed.