Hyper-Radiance VIII: Sweets in the Sky

ハイパーラディアンスVIII: 空にお菓子

Hyper-Radiance VIII: Sweets in the Sky

  • Developing studio: Seikokashi Software
  • Country of origin: Pelinai
  • Platforms: PC, console (Sakanoba Tillsi)

Classification tags:
—Action, Adventure, Anime, Casual, Comedy, Cute, Female protagonist, Funny, Great soundtrack, Memes, P-RPG, RPG, Singleplayer, Story-rich, Turn-based, Visual novel

OOC info

Greetings, reader. This thread is dedicated to detailing the plot of the newest installment in the popular Pelinese videogame series Hyper-Radiance, renowned across Pelinai for its high-quality P-RPG gameplay, well-written storylines, and characteristically meme-y characters. So sit down, prepare your favorite choice of cherry-flavored candy, soda, or ice cream, and always remember that Pelinese characters IRP get paid to write this.


Chapter 0: Prologue

Part 1

“You may defeat me now, mortal, but know this: this is not the end, nor will it ever be. You and your kingdom will revel in your victory while you yet live, but the inevitable destiny of your life is death. You cannot stand against me forever, and I will always be waiting.”

The speech of the great, octopus-like beast reverberates throughout the dark, ruin-filled caverns and sends the particularly precarious columns tumbling into the piles of rubble that surround them. Pools of foul, corrupted slime have been spilled onto the cavern floor from the great wounds carved into the flesh of Shu’nothhth the Destroyer, but that doesn’t stop it from desperately swinging yet another of its spike-covered appendages forth.

“Silence thyself, fiend! My protection may be finite in time, but there will always be champions among the great people of Jukovia who will send you back to the fathomless deeps where you belong. Individual humans may be mortal, but no amount of time will ever allow your foul kind the occasion to triumph over our righteous valor!”

The arm of the beast is felled from its bearer by the shining silver greatsword of Harold, champion knight of the newly united Jukovian people.

“I will allow you no more time to spew your meaningless taunts towards me. Return to your wretched abode once more, cretin!”

Harold leaps from the floor and perfectly executes his signature sword technique, slashing through the beast 15 times before ending his assault. Shu’nothhth the Destroyer falls to the floor, dead for but the briefest of moments, before dissolving into a great pool of blackened sludge that quickly evaporates into the great space of the cavern. Harold breathes a final sigh of relief; the hidden puppetmaster of the Jukovian Civil War has finally been slain. He can now return home with the peace of knowing that the true threat to his people has finally been quieted, if only for now.

You didn’t think that was the real game, did you?


The blonde, controller-wielding angel sitting in front of the TV takes a brief sip from the can of cherry cream soda on the coffee table in front of her before leaning back onto a pink sofa.

”I can’t believe that you managed to beat the entire main story, the end-game zone, the secret dungeon, the secret boss, the super-secret boss, and the entire true-ending alternate path so quickly.”

An elf sitting next to the angel stares at the epilogue screen in disbelief. On the opposite side of the sofa, a human with mid-length black hair is writing something in a notebook.

”Mhm. And you know what that means?”

The elf sighs in resignation and gets up from the soft pink sofa.

”I go buy you some ice cream. How in Celestia do you weigh 49 kilograms while consuming at least a kilogram of sugar every day?”

”Sorry, but that’s a proprietary Fuyuko secret. But anyway, Izumi; could you load up Mega Mercenary Wars 26 while Haruhi gets my prize? I really want to see who they replace Harold with in the next sequel. I bet they’ll bring Harold back as the older veteran mentor warrior that dies in the third chapter to add tension and emotional drama, too.”

Fuyuko hands the controller to Izumi after she sets aside her record of the many, many times that Fuyuko has won bets on video games over Haruhi.

”Sure. You’re reeeeeally getting your worth out of this Ultimate Games Console, aren’t you?”

”Of course I am! I had to kill over 2,000 blue slimes and spend hundreds of hours on grinding Elite Primordial Dragon Marshals to get it, you know!”

”I was there with you, you know. By the way, Fuyuko; Mega Mercenary Wars 26 isn’t on here.”

Fuyuko freezes in the middle of extracting a Hot’n’Spicy Tirodo chip from the bag on her lap.

”W-w-w-w-w-w-w-WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT? But this is the Ultimate Games Console! It has every video game ever made in history on it!”

Izumi slowly nods from the exasperation that invariably comes with being in Fuyuko’s general vicinity.

”Yeah, and Mega Mercenary Wars 26 isn’t made yet; it’s still being developed by the studio right now. You’ll have to pick something else.”

”But MMW25 was the last game on my games backlog list! Isn’t there at least a closed beta? A test build? An in-house version that I can play?”

”Nope; releases only. We can play something else, or we’ll have to wait for it.”

Fuyuko sighs in disappointment before beginning to stare intently at the clock in the bottom-right corner of the console GUI. Haruhi comes back to the living room with a pint of cherry vanilla ice cream and a friend in tow some time later.

”This is boring.”

”That’s because you’re staring at a clock and have been for five minutes straight.”

Haruhi sets the ice cream and a spoon down onto the coffee table while the blonde human behind her sits down next to Fuyuko.

”Hey! Sorry I’m late; I had to let Hanako in. Something wrong?”

Mega Mercenary Wars 26 isn’t released yet, and Fuyuko’s getting bored waiting.”

”What am I going to do? It could take them hours to finish MMW26 and release it!”




”You could always just go do something in, you know, real life? We’d probably all benefit from doing some side quests outside Celestia after spending an entire 37 years playing video games at your house.”

”Agreed. I love playing video games with you as much as anybody else, Fuyuko, but I feel like going outside for more than 15 minutes a day would be good for everyone here.”

”Questing sounds like a great idea. I saw a purple wizard hat for sale online, but it costs 800,000 gold and I’m starting to run out of savings from our last adventure.”

”Weeeeell… alright. I guess I have been on break for a while.”

”It’s settled, then. We’ll pick a plane to travel to and do some quick quests to farm gold. Fuyuko, you should go find those travel magazines that you like to hoard so that we can get started on deciding where to go.”


Chapter 0: Prologue

Part 2

”I can’t decide on anywhere to go.”

”Fuyuko, we’re just going to do some gold farming; there’s no need to pick anywhere fancy. Just find something that has level-appropriate monsters for us to grind.”

”That’s too boring. I don’t want to subject myself to a game-length grinding fest; there should be something else to do in the meantime. Something fun, enjoyable, and non-monotonous. Something like… desserts.”

Fuyuko picks up one of the magazines and quickly begins leafing through it.

”I know! We should go somewhere that has lots of varied kinds of desserts and sweets so that we don’t get bored with the monotony of grinding; I’m thinking cherry ice cream, cherry pie, cherry tarts, cherry cake, cherry milkshakes, cherry gelatin, crystallized cherries, cherry gumdrops, cherry jelly beans, things like that. There’s this one place called Saccharet that I’ve always wanted to visit; it’s supposed to have the most and best desserts in the entire universe, and it even makes the special cherry cream-flavored soda with S+++ grade magic cherry syrup from real cherry crawlers.”

Fuyuko shows everyone a specific page from her magazine, which happens to be filled with 4K pictures of various candies and desserts with aggressively red coloration. On the opposite page is a short article accompanied by a photograph of a cherry crawler.

”Um, Fuyuko, it defeats the point of farming gold if we’re going to be spending all of our money on sweets.”

”I know, Hanako; that’s why we’re going to buy the special buff versions that give you more stats and +15% additional gold and experience gains from defeating monsters. They’ll pay for themselves with the extra money, and make the grinding so much easier.”

Meanwhile, Izumi is sitting next to Hanako looking somewhat unconvinced.

”Well, I suppose we can go to Saccharet if you really want. Just remember to pack your drinks before we leave; I don’t want to have to spend another 500 gold on buying them when we get there.”

”Great, it’s settled then! I’ll go pack all of my gear so we can get going soon; I want to arrive early enough to find a hotel before dark.”

. . .

”Maybe we should have brought some snowshoes; I might be the charmingly petite cover art mascot, but even I keep sinking into all of this snow.”

Fuyuko pulls her foot out of at least twenty centimeters of snow.

”You were the one with the travel magazine that was supposed to have weather information in it.”

”It didn’t say anything about there being this much snow; Saccharet usually only has a few centimeters of snow cover at a time. At least we’ll be able to find snow cones when we finally get to somewhere inhabited.”

Izumi takes a look around at the quiet, snowbound winter forest that she and everybody else are walking through.

”Hopefully we don’t run into any monsters before we get to Saccharet proper; I’d prefer not to waste effort and consumable items on defeating monsters before we pick up some quests.”

”Speaking of which, we still need to take bets on whether the first monsters will be rats or blue, vaguely gelatinous creatures of some description. Oh! I wonder if they’ll be living gelatins or something like that?”

Haruhi nods.

”I have to admit that it would be pretty on theme with the rest of Saccharet, wouldn’t it? They probably farm slimes to make gelatin desserts, too.”

”No no no, don’t say any more than that; they say that you should never visit a gelatin factory or learn how they really make gelatin desserts because it ruins gelatins for you forever, and I still want to be able to eat my delicious fruit gelatin cups in peace!”

Fuyuko sighs.

”Anyway, I bet 500 4D-Tetropoly dollars that the first level 1 monster that we find will be a blue slime or slime-like creature. Any takers?”

”Maybe later; I see a city gate up ahead.”

. . .

“Greetings, and welcome to the Moa’s Foot Inn. Are you here to accept quests, eat, or get some hotel rooms?”

Izumi walks up to the counter.

”We’re here to look at the quest board and get a couple of two-bed hotel rooms, please.”

“I see. The quest board is at that kiosk to your right; here are the room prices.”

While Izumi was interacting with the staff, Fuyuko looked around at the restaurant floor of the inn. Something seemed wrong with the surroundings, but she couldn’t pinpoint exactly what that was; the inn had fried moa legs, sandwiches, and other food available for lunch, served tea and milk for beverages, and had nothing around it that suggested any manner of foul play. After a few minutes, Izumi walked back from the front desk with some room keys.

”I got our hotel rooms. Ready to pick some quests to finish?”

”Hm? Oh, sure; I’m fine with going questing now.”

”I’m not hungry right now, so I see no reason to stop for a meal before leaving again.”

”That’s fine. I need more money before I can do any shopping anyway.”

”It’s settled, then.”

The party then quickly walked over to the quest board in order to view their options and select their first quests to be done in Saccharet.

”and… done! This quest just wants us to go defeat twenty monsters in the forest that we just walked through. It only pays 100 gold, but it says that we can defeat any kind of monster that we want.”

”Sounds good to me. It should be a nice warmup session before we start grinding; I’ve been pretty out of practice since our last adventure.”

Now that Fuyuko and company are signed up for their first quest, they leave the inn to return to the forest outside of Saccharet. After leaving town and spending a few minutes walking in the forest, Fuyuko has a realization.

”Oh! I didn’t see any sweets in the tavern; no desserts, no candy, not even any soda. You think that’s a bit strange, right?”

”I know that we’re in Saccharet, Fuyuko, but you can’t really expect it to be some kind of candy wonderland with sugar snow and gingerbread buildings.”

”Well, if you say so. But still, I don’t think that everything’s one hundred percent right here.”