Hoshikuzu Cruising (Major 2023-08-30)

(Title ref: Hoshikuzu Cruising by Tang Keke )

The Idol was taking a stroll through Government Island and stopped by their favourite coffee place! The smell of Pumpkin flavour was in full swing, and they bought a bunch of it for themself! Coffees, rolls, pies, you name it! It’s Autumn, and no better way to set the mood and vibe then for pumpkin flavoured food and drinks! As for the rest of the South Pacific though, they’re enjoying eggnog year round of course!

Afterwards later, the Idol returned working with others on more serious matters! Or would’ve, but, as it turns out, all that went out the frosted glass window…

…as the legendary Blanket Fort Legion had awoken yet again for another wonderous adventure!

Of course, the Idol and their friends, such as Hanamaru (pictured here), couldn’t pass up the chance to stop BFL yet again!

The Idol was super excited and had quickly recruited the crystal idols for action! Except for new arrivals Crystal Amana and Tenka, they were on a training run! Along with Concrete Slab and Walrus being conscripted to the cause, both of them followed the crystal idols chasing after the glass from the far lands of the northern reach, and to collect more resources!

Crystalised Chika was the first up, and had chased the Cut Glass to Principes Mundi! But, in a surprise turn of events, Crystal Chika ended up badly scratched! The Cut Glass had achieved victory, making this a milestone in the crystal-glass fight!

This would be the only time though, as Concrete Slab had entered the fray, and the three musicians gave off a performance that shook the night!

Crystal Ayumu and Hanamaru were next in succession, and had let Walrus and Concrete Slab take the centre stage! After all, we’re all music performers, and this was our spotlight to shine, even if the Idol’s the one leading the concert!

Crystalised Kanon was next, and having the powers and abilities of Okina Matara as well, she flew across the Land of the Back Door to chase after the glass! The Weather Glass and Flint Glass had arrived late to their locations, which led to Kanon being late as well! Crown Glass arrived alone to Interstate 394, but the toll gate operator of that Interstate managed to throw the glass into the realm of the rejected! All while sipping on a good eggnog beverage, of course.

Crystal Kanon followed the Mirror Glass all the way to Prima Victoria! Despite everyone but Kanon flying back and forth between this location and the Lunar base down at the Artificial Solar System, Kanon was confident in her abilities and stayed behind! She ended up taking centre stage into the spotlight, then performed a guitar solo!

Then when the Stained Glass arrived to the Artificial Solar System, Crystal Chiyoko had managed to grab hold of the glass! Though she was confused at what to do as there were other things happening, she let the glass go quickly after realising that it was a trick! Despite this, she and Concrete Slab were able to stop the two down at Mushadakaq! Crystal Chiyoko being super friendly decided to give everyone chocolate though! Wait, no, don’t eat that chocolate!!!

Crystal Fuyuko was up next, and had spotted the Quartz Glass travelling far into the deep sea! Luckily, despite Crystal Fuyuko arriving just a few seconds later but still on time, Concrete Slab was able to protect the wildlife of the sea floor! Fortunately we brought a submarine though, it was easy to get lost around here…

Crystal Akari followed, armed with apples of a crystal gemstone, pearl! The pearl Apple held a special power, which fired rounds of Spacial Rend, the signature move of Palkia! The Glass Spun (pun intended) back and forth to dodge the attacks, but Akari managed to win the battle down at New Ancapistan!

Crystal Kanata with the powers and abilities of Doremy Sweet had arrived from the Dream World! Having flew her way towards Y16, she had managed to stop the charged lightning glass from striking! She managed to shatter dreams, and went to sing a lullaby, before trapping the glass into her dream world.

Float Glass was the last one up, and noted scientist Crystal Shiki Wakana of Liella took to the scene and brought along her experiments from the lab! Having also brought along a jetpack, both the float glass and Crystal Shiki flew up high for the final fight of the night! It was one to behold, as various forms of float glass had launched some good attacks, but fighting against some dangerous experiments proved to be futile! Crystal Shiki won, and after having dismissed someone who forgot to resign months ago, she left!

With the lights shutting off down at the northern reach, it was time to leave too. The group had parted ways for the night, and the Idol returned home. They went to sleep almost right away, lost in thought from all the other chaos that happened too.

Before they left, the Idol did leave behind some tasty treats. Cake, pie, ice cream, doughnuts, pumpkin flavoured coffees and even eggnog drinks, there was something for everyone!

The Galactic Band
Idol Kotoha Tanaka (Avid Pumpkin Spice fan that took the spotlight)
Officer Concrete Slab (Oshi no Ko fan!)
[RRA] Minskiev (Guitarist)
[TGW] Westinor (Pianist)

Defences: 8

https://www.nationstates.net/region=alma_mater https://www.nationstates.net/region=honeymoon_farm https://www.nationstates.net/region=prima_victoria https://www.nationstates.net/region=mushadakaq https://www.nationstates.net/region=deep_sea_2 https://www.nationstates.net/region=new_ancapistan https://www.nationstates.net/region=y16 https://www.nationstates.net/region=specter