History of Cadiz

Cadiz, royally styled as Cadíz, is a country in Cordilia, bordering Sugovia. The sovereign nation has been around for a while — in 1864 a man by the name of Marcos Ferdinand IV decided to establish a monarchy political system, giving himself and the future generations of his family ruling positions in the new state. In 1865, Ferdinand signed The Declaration of Cadíz, which formally established Cadiz as a country.

However, many were angry that Ferdinand shoved himself into power. The Declaration of Cadíz exclusively gave Ferdinand all the power, where he got to select a congress every four years, made up of representatives who were staunch supporters of Ferdinand.

For twelve years, King Ferdinand ruled the nation until a group of pro-democracy protestors, known as El Partido Nuevo Democrático, protested peacefully for nineteen days demanding a new government to be formed. They marched all the way from Ayamonte to Valencia, through the capital city of Huelva where they made a pit stop at the royal palace.

Eventually, the protestors garnered more and more support. They outnumbered the amount of King Ferdinand supporters which eventually led to the end of his government.

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