Hey, so, uh, maintaining endorsements?

I’ll keep this simple:

The Charter tasks the Coral Guard with maintaining high endorsement levels necessary for regional security. Currently, there’s a 118 endorsement gap between the Delegate and the 2nd highest endorsement holder in the region.

In the event of a coup, while the influence fortress would still be in an OK position, options in terms of an endorsement lead for anti-coup liberation efforts would be slim pickings. This degree of an endorsement gap is simply a little precarious - and more regular endorsement trading by the Coral Guard would go a long way to helping with that.

Using the Endorse the World tool, I observed the current nations not endorsed by each member of the Coral Guard. All but 3 non-Delegate Coral Guard members have over 100 nations they haven’t endorsed.

Coral Guard Member Current Endorsements Nations Not Endorsed
Tepertopia (Delegate) 836 26
073 039 109 032 080 111 112 112 121 718 121
Aidenfieeld 698 35
Amerion 718 440
Concrete Slab 682 337
Ebonhand 704 38
Farengeto 703 120
Land Without Shrimp 712 26
PenguinPies 718 289
Tsunamy 695 445

At the margins, getting some people closer to the Delegate will be tricky, but really it seems like some of these gains can happen without terribly much difficulty. Can we all re-up on our endotarting and make a little more effort on checking it every few days?

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I responded in discord obviously. But disagreement over endotelegramming strategy aside, I was already planning on endotarting today or tomorrow before the month ended, and I’ll move my efforts up to biweekly. On top of this members of the coral guard should probably make a push to telegram everyone not endorsing the coral guard outside of regular endotarting soon, since we haven’t done this in quite a while and it’s overdue.

I mean, I don’t meant to be that guy, but I’m somewhat fascinated by the fact that Amerion and I have endorsed far fewer nations than everyone else, and Amerion is still ranked third and while I’m the second lowest the space between me and like … Aiden is minimal?

Is this just the residual power of the delegacy?

Anyhow, I think this is a good question, but I don’t have the time or energy right now to dedicate to fixing anything.

Likely, yes, also of having some of the older endorsers. Until recently, I recall you actually being very active with endotarting even though it’s been a few years since your Delegacy. RL interfering so you’re at lower endotarting rates is pretty understandable. Amerion was Delegate recently and also a very active endotarter, so it makes sense he’s so high up.

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Some of it is definitely the residual power of delegacy. It’s honestly kind of frustrating to me, as well.

I have done multiple telegram-campaigns targeting those who have not endorsed me, and there’s a lot of long-standing WA-members who simply never respond with either endorsement or reply. Not sure what more I can do as I think the direct-TG method is definitely the highest-return activity.

Other than that, regular(daily) endo-tarting seems to be the best method for keeping my endos up. I still can’t quite get over the hump of you ex-delegates! Wish I could, believe me.

I’ve ceased from actively endorsing nations because, well, my endorsements tend to shoot out and I would eventually be within range of the Delegate; I believe the cap is forty below the Delegate at the moment.

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I just wanted to note that I went to check in on this today and it looks like we’ve overall made huge progress, which is great. Props to Poppy especially who I know started aggressively promoting the entire Coral Guard, not just herself. I feel like threads like this only get attention when there’s a problem, and while our numbers aren’t perfect, this is really good progress in a month and a half.

Coral Guard Member Current Endorsements Nations Not Endorsed
Tepertopia (Delegate) 861 16
073 039 109 032 080 111 112 112 121 781 33
Ebonhand 781 25
PenguinPies 737 10
Tsunamy 725 120
Land Without Shrimp 724 3
Aidenfieeld 717 28
Farengeto 717 82
Concrete Slab 716 8
Amerion 713 471

At this stage, I think the risk of your endos surpassing the Delegate’s if you fully endotarted is pretty low.

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