‘Grounded Dogfight’

Karnet Bojowy Airport, the international airport of Jakub City, has been temporarily shut down with all planes being redirected away from the airport.

At 7:00 AM flight JK-429 was hijacked while taxiing to it’s terminal from runway 02R. The plan was halted and stopped along with the pilots alerting the ATC before being cutoff by gunfire. Jakub City Police and Jakub National Police have surrounded the airplane, declaring a hostage situation.

Jakub National Police claim to have contact with the hostage takers and are negotiating for the release of a confirmed 213 passengers and 16 crew members.

A platoon’s worth of special forces members have been caught on camera by Jakub News National during its story on the situation.

Today at 12:00 PM, Jakubian SOF have been spotted entering JK-429.

Following 12:28 PM, Jakub National Police claim that the situation has been put under controlled.

Five minutes later, at 12:33, Jakubian SOF have been spotted exiting JK-429. 14 non-Jakubian men wearing balaclavas and vests exiting with blindfolds and handcuffs on them. Slowly, around 150 civilians in handcuffs began to exit the aircraft one by one while being guided by police and soldiers.