Griffindor for MoE; Third times the charm?

Hello everyone!

I want to keep this campaign very short, and very sweet. In preparation for the end of the GC (it’s funny cause I have mentioned that in every election thread, I’ve had for the MoE :stuck_out_tongue: ), I will use my term to “practice” what the Cabinet would look like under a PM-driven cabinet agenda.

That is why, should ProfessorHenn win their election for PM (and I win mine, obviously), I will work to implement their vision for Engagement for the upcoming term as if they had appointed me to fulfill that part of their agenda.

Should ProfessorHenn not win the election for PM (and assuming I win my election), I will implement the plans (Reelect Griffindor for MoE!) that I had four months ago when I lost my reelection bid.

One extra bit that I will do, regardless of the scenarios above, is I will use my position to welcome the players that find the forums and offer them mentorship, whether it be from myself or anyone else within the Ministry.

My CoI:
Current Roles/Positions

-Legislator 2/24/20-
-High Court Justice 6/7/20-
-South Pacific Coral Guard 11/17/20-

Past Roles/Positions

-Minister of Engagement 6/17/22-10/16/22
-Secretary of State 4/3/20-2/24/21
-Legislator 7/3/16-4/10/18
-Local Council Member 7/1/17-11/17/17
-Vice-Chair of the APC 6/1/17-4/10/18
-Chair of the APC 9/24/16-5/31/17
-Citizen 5/2012-12/2014 and 2/26/16-7/3/2016

Other regional involvements:
-Balder 2018-2020: Talman/Lawspeaker, Minister of WA Affairs, Accused of trying to Coup and kicked out

I will now take questions if there are any.

Thank you.

Why do you think you are best suited to be the Minister of Engagement? What internal tools or skills do you have to lead the ministry?

Your past term as MoE you had an issue with follow through. What will you change about your approach to project management if elected?

Having been in this region for several years, coupled with the approach I intend to take, I believe that my experience and knowledge of the history and mechanics of the region will give new players a more digestible guide on how best to play the game.

Specifically speaking, having led it previously, with no detrimental and lasting I’ll effect, I figure I can take what I’ve learned about good and bad ministerial steps I took and incorporate it into my actions for the upcoming term.

This is definitely a big priority of mine. I recognize that follow through was not very well achieved during my last term, and will make much more of an effort implement the goals for the term.

I also think that, while I am still an elected minister, my proposed agenda is that of the Prime Minister’s, so in a sense, I am implementing and carrying out their agenda items. The creation of ideas and wondering what the reaction will be and if they will achieve every desired success is secondary to implementing the Prime Minister’s agenda. If it happens that an idea doesn’t pan out, or reaction is less than ideal, you can rest assured that I will work with the Prime Minister to chart a new course.

Thank you for those questions!

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