Green Road Initiative

The Valkyrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs is proud to announce the Green Road Initiative.

Vision statement

Our vision is to implement a modern global drug regime built around the principles of free choice and social justice and an emphasis on rehabilitation instead of incarceration.

Mission statement

Our mission is to decriminalise drugs, legalise soft drugs, and establish a modern regulatory system around these drugs that centres around the choice of people to consume soft drugs such as cannabis whilst offering a new destigmatised environment in which people can seek out rehabilitation without the fear of criminalisation.

Valkyria invites national governments, non-governmental organisations, and businesses around the world to join this initiative.


  • States
    • Valkyria
  • Non-governmental organisations
    • Thrane Institute (Valkyria)
  • Businesses
    • Grønn (Valkyria)

Participants in the Green Road Initiative


The Gianlucian government is interested in observing the initiative. Depending on the coalition partners and future elections, joining the initiative fully might become an option.