Government of the Mitallduk Confederacy

The Legislative Branch

The legislative branch of the Mitallduk Confederacy is a unicameral parliament called the Ludukza. The Ludukza is made up of 400 members, called Isiks, elected by eligible voters. Isiks are apportioned based on population, and the apportionment is reassessed every 10 years, or as needed.

The Ludukza is led by a President who is elected by the Isiks.
The current President of the Ludukza is Ardan Kevran (LAM)

LAST ELECTION: July 16, 2020

Party Acronyms Abbreviation Ideology
Lornaisenza Korozarai LK National Socialists
Luzia Anavalk Mitallarai LAM Center-right
Kevantza Mitalldukish KM Mitalldukish Nationalists

Province Year # of Isik Seats First Place Second Place Third Place
Tadukallai 2020 Election 158 KM 54.3% LK 31.8% LAM 13.9%
Seats Won > 86 50 22
Mitallzhra 63 KM 57.9% LK 26.4% LAM 15.7%
Seats Won > 36 17 10
Zhanari 150 LK 56.1% LAM 36.2% KM 7.7%
Seats Won > 92 58 0
Dukzhirra 17 LAM 53.3% LK 30.4% KM 16.3%
Seats Won > 9 5 3
Kevta’allai 7 LAM 68.9% KM 20.1% LK 11.0%
Seats Won > 5 1 1
Disputed Territories 5 LK 74.2% KM 19.8% LAM 6.0%
Seats Won > 4 1 0
Parties Isiks
Kevantza Mitalldukish 127
Luzia Anavalk Mitallarai 104
Lornaisenza Korozarai 169

The majority party is LK.
Class 1 Opposition is KM.
Class 2 Opposition is LAM

The Executive Branch

The Mitallduk executive branch is led by a leader, called the Mitallarkava, elected in a popular vote by eligible voters.

LAST ELECTION: March 11, 2016

Current Mitallarkava: Lukian Kullan

2016 Election Results

Name Affiliation Provinces Won Votes For Percentage
Lukian Kullan:heavy_check_mark: KM 2 7,868,220 58.23% :heavy_check_mark:
Stelan Yoran LK 2 3,486,176 25.80%
Ardan Kevran LAM 2 1,887,669 13.97%
Write-in Any - 270,246 2.00%
Total Votes 13,512,311

The Judicial Branch

The judicial branch of the Mitallduk Confederacy consists of four different levels of courts, all administrated by the Ministry of Saftey and Justice. The courts are, provisional courts, district courts, courts of appeal, high court of the confederacy.

Provisional courts are scattered throughout the nation to deal with more trivial day-to-day matters. While district courts hear more serious criminal cases and all civil suits. Anyone with legal standing may appeal a decision arbitrated by a lower court. The High Court of the Confederacy is the supreme legal authority in the Mitallduk Confederacy, 11 individuals are appointed to the court by the Ludukza Executive Committee. The committee consists of 13 people, six appointed by the Mitallarkava and seven appointed by the Ludukza. Not only does the Ludukza Executive Committee select the judges to sit in the high court, but they also choose the judges that run the various courts across the nation.