Glass, Fire, and Strife; Tales from the Rosecordi Succession Crisis

(OOC: This will be me covering the Rosecordi Succession Crisis! It’ll be fun!)

Glass, Fire, and Strife; Tales from the Rosecordi Succession Crisis

—Opening stages of the Glassing of Cascade-23A, Stardate 01-25-102—

Glassing of Cascade-23A, Stardate 01-21-102 - > 06-02-102

Battle of Cascade-23A begins as Rosecordi Succession Crisis kicks off.

Results: Tactical Rosecordi Victory, Space Superiority Established over Cascade-23A.

Black Box Audio Recovery:

Ship File: Rosepoint Naval Defense Force Corvette No. 209 “Spice Sniffers”

Equipment: Dual Tachyon Rift Beam Cannons, 3 Dual Flak CIPDS

Upload Success: Loading File…

[1.01.1]: “Cap’n, tally two hangar platforms, an Ion Uplink, and several defense platforms. Orders?”

[2.01.1]: “Engage the defense platforms and call for reinforcements.”

[1.02.1]: “Roger Cap’n, Antimatter Shielding… Online…”

[1.03.1]: “Phase Shielding… Online…”

[3.01.1]: “Engaging Flak.”

[4.01.1]: “Rift Taych charged. Engaging Defense Platforms.”

[1.04.1]: “Reinforcement call sent. Waiting on response.”

[4.02.1]: “Rift discharged, target one eliminated. Recharging.”

[3.02.1]: “Flak Cannons engaging Serniani SSFs.”

[1.05.1]: “Reinforcement Network Online! We got several more RPDs entering Cascade-23A’s High Orbit!”

[2.02.1]: “To Ion Uplink. This is Rosecordi Corvette. I suggest you surrender and turn over the Ion Uplink. You have 5 minutes before we blow your Oxygen and board you.”

[4.02.1]: “Rift discharged, again, where do you want me to target?”

[2.03.1]: “Lock the station.”

[1.01.2]: “Rosecordi Destroyer, where do you need us?”

[2.04.1]: “Target the planet and target military installations. Remember Crystriana!”

[2.05.1]: “Fire on their Oxygen. Clear to engage.”

[4.03.1]: “Rifts on automatic fire, risk of overheat low, target destroyed.”

[2.06.1]: “Prepare a boarding party.”

Audio Log Failure, discerned unknown failure in Black Box.


Crystriana-3A Remnant Forces HQ, Location Unknown

Status: Planet Defense Force failed to mobilize rapidly

Thermal Signature: N/A

Radiation Extraction Beacon: Not Set

Air Support: Unknown

Space Support: Unknown

Casualty Listing: Undetermined

Glassing Stage: Stage One Glass (Major Population Centers Destroyed)

3 days later…

Nexus Log: Uplink Success.

Forces Remaining on Planet: 1k

713 evacuees were pulled into the Nexus safely.

Nexus portal was spotted. Uplink Terminated. 250 MIA.

Evacuees reported Stage 2 Glassing (Destruction of Major Cities and Biosphere)


Concordio-5E Command Report, Stardate 14-51-132

Status: Planetary Defense Force Mobilized, Intercepting attempts at glassing

Thermal Signature: High

Radiation Extraction Beacon: Set

Air Support: Stretched

Space Support: Nonexistent

Casualty Listing: Evacuation underway, no discerned loss of major population

Glassing Stage: N/A

Forces Remaining on Planet: 25k~, slowly evacuating.

Planetary Body Action Report (PBAR):

Written from one Command Chief Master Sergeant Duskfield Forci of the Concordio System Defense Force, Technocratic Federation of Serniani Systems Defense Force.

“I write today from the Ulink Station. Gotta get this PBAR off to HICOM. The people are out. We are holding onto the moon. Requesting literally anything to help break this siege before we are down and out. We are running out of weapons, food, and ammo. We may have to surrender. The uplink is having issues, but if you don’t respond within twelve hous, we are surrendering the moon, for the good wellbeing of our civilian infrastructure.
-CCMS Duskfield”

The Uplink station was destroyed approximately six hours later. A Rosecordi Frigate’s missile was able to skewer the gap and put a nuclear tipped warhead on it. It is persumed CCMS Duskfield perished. The moon surrendered 1 day later. and later became a key point in the siege of TFS worlds as a refueling point and a stronghold.

Pax in Morte, Duskfield.


The Admiral Eliza, Tungsten Class

Status - Destroyed

CoD - Precision RKV Strike while embarking personnel at Advantia Spaceport

Casualties - Lost with all hands, and the destruction of Advantia’s Spaceport

LPS (Listed Personnel Survived)

Captain Calio “Sparrow” Loom - Captured after ejecting from a Valk II, working with Laurisa, in the diplomatic department

1st Lt Laurisa “Rapier” Loom - Captured after ejection, agreed to work with Calio in Rosecordia’s diplomatic teams

2nd Lt. Joshua “Jokester” Phasewood - Captured several days after the destruction of the TFSS Admiral Eliza, was found brain dead, revived and is now in a rehabilitation center

2nd Lt. Tyler “Defender” Cadium - Ejected, being held in Enclave 3, pending transfer via Nexus Travel


The Concordio Disaster - Blacksite Audio
Unknown Blacksite, Rosecordia Center for Intelligence and Defense Analysis (RCIDA), audio compiled

The audio picks up on a meeting between a few defense analysts and a room of officers.

1.01.1 is an unknown Defense Analyst, presenting to Fleet Command.
[1.01.1]: “Federation forces are planning an attack on the recently taken Concordio System. They’ve been stockpiling forces outside the Concordio Gate, and this system is critical to operations elsewhere. Concordio is a springboard, but it’s also weak.”

Unknown FltCOM Officer
[2.01.1]: "It’s a recent capture, yes. "

[1.02.1]: “SIGINT indicate they will be probing the system any day now. That’s the best intelligence we have.”

[2.02.1]: “Any timetable is better than none. Thank you, you are dismissed.”

The light tapping of footsteps as the audio cuts, or appears to do so

[2.03.1]: “The system over, Forgewell? They aren’t watching there. Station forces there, appear weak, as they enter drop the gate’s power, and strand them in Concordio.”

The Audio cuts


The Concordio Disaster - Forgewell System
Forward Arming Refueling Point (FARP) Radiance

Beginning Audio Playback

The audio picks up at Forward Arming Refueling Point Radiance, a stationing area for Rosecordi ships transiting through, the stillness of the area is broken by the light hum of Ion Force Engines. The ships transit out of GAW. The Audio cuts, again, this time seemingly purposefully turned off, as if to hide something.

End of Audio Playback


The Concordio Disaster - Springing the Net
Asteroid K-9, Concordio System, outskirts of the GAW Relay to the Listia System

Beginning Audio & Visual Playback

The Audio Playback appears shorted, but the visual file shows the relay springing to life, delivering a Federation Fleet into the system, before the relay powers off, before a series of explosions rock the fleet, and the visual file cuts

End of Audio & Visual Playback


The Concordio Disaster - TFSS Risky Shot
Recovered Blackbox, Concordio System

The Blackbox indicates being struck by several mines, and the ship’s immediate disablement following several CSM-329D4 impacts rendered the ship CI. Battlenet reports from the Blackbox also show that other ships were disabled and destroyed in the same manner. A few battlenet reports also show railgun impacts before the blackbox’s contents can be fully transmitted back to Federation command

It was too late, anyway. They had already committed most of their forces into the killzone or were enroute to Concordio…


The Concordio Disaster - Missileers
Concordio-Listia System Gate

The Defenses hold, briefly, as a volley of missiles exit the gate. Nuclear tipped, they explode and blind nearby sensors, scrambling Directorate forces as they attempt to lock onto new threats as they emerge from the gate.

The guns fall silent, but the missile VLS tubes empty out into the space around the relay. Cruising to target, they pass through the explosions, before activating active radar homing, and without being the wiser, the Federation ships, sensors also blinded, barely being able to activate their point defenses. But the missiles stop coming, and the Federation ships finally are able to regroup.


Notice of Decanonization

Effective Immediately, Glass, Fire, and Strife; Tales from the Rosecordi Succession Crisis is no longer official canon material for the following reason(s):

Lack of Maintenance

Inconsistencies with accepted lore related to the Secession Crisis

Brevity Breakages, Inconsistencies with Directorate Ship Registry

Portrayal (Lack of Character Involvement)

Numbers, Inconsistencies with Casualty Counts

Pax Directorate.

–A. SF10