GeoGuessr Geography Game (Week 1)

GeoGuessr: Period #1
ministry of culture

Hello everyone! I am glad to announce the first mini-event of my Minister of Culture term! This game will be centered around the fun website and app of GeoGuessr, a place where you get to guess where a Google Maps street view image was taken. GeoGuessr does the work of showing you an image and then using clues from the photo you guess where that image was taken.

For this event, every two weeks I will be showing you an image that I received from GeoGuessr when playing under the “World” category. This means that this photo could have been taken from anywhere in the world.

Your job is to correctly guess which country it was taken in. The first person to guess correctly is to receive a prize…potentially a Legendary trading card! To guess, you must post it in this thread. Each person gets one guess per week (totals up to two guesses).

Let’s start the first event period. This will last from February 12 to the 26th.

Which country was this image taken in?

Feel free to reply now as all three photos have been posted. I will contact the winners on February 26th.


Got one right?

  • Epic card to be received
  • Only for first three people

Got two correct?

  • Two Epics
  • Only first person

Got all three correct?

  • Wow, you’re smart.
  • One Legendary, one Epic, other cool stuff
  • Sadly, only first person (second person gets a badge)


Edit: Whoops! Jumped the gun

  1. Japan
  2. Brazil
  3. UK
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Thanks for the guess; fyi now three images have been posted!

Does one guess count for each country or all together?

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Each photo is from a different country. You can have three guesses – one for each photo :stuck_out_tongue:


  1. Japan
  2. Mexico
  3. Ireland
    (no point in repeating previous guesses completely)
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Japan, Brazil, UK.

  1. Japan
  2. Indonesia
  3. UK
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  1. Japan
  2. Guatemala
  3. Australia
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  1. Japan
  2. Bolivia
  3. UK
  1. Japan.
  2. Brazil.
  3. UK.
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I’m going to cut this off a bit early…this first period has been officially closed.

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Final Results

@king.fenik will be receiving a Legendary trading card. Congrats for correctly guessing all three countries!

@AstroVulpes and @pronoun will receive an Epic card!

@im_a_waffle1 will receive two Epics!

Hold on for a bit as we process the results. Expect a card(s) to be received from a nation with a name somewhat close to Southern Fort Knox.


Do it with more obscure locations/countries next time
I overthought this one too much

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Yup, that’s the plan. This first one was easy just to get people properly acclimated. The next one…to be published soon…is going to have more “obscure locations” as you said.

if you haven’t already sent the cards, please send the cards I won to Doge Land whenever you get everything sorted out


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I don’t send the cards (Vietnam does because they operate SFX). If they don’t send soon, I’ll handle it.


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