GeoGuessr #5 Ultimate Royal Finale something something

We’re back! GeoGuessr!

We have three images–varying in difficulty–for you to guess where exactly in the world they were taken. With a chance to win valuable international artwork and a special prize, post your guesses below! Please number them 1, 2, and, 3 (for each image).

If your guess was liked (system) by myself, that means it has been received.

Guessing ends on May 1st.

If you win…

What happens next? Well:

  • If you correctly guess all three locations, you’ll receive a Legendary AND get to customize my Discord profile picture, Discord bio, and NS flag (only first person)
  • If you correctly guess only the second one, you’ll receive an Ultra Rare
  • If you correctly guess two, you’ll get an Epic (first three people)
  • If you correctly guess one (that is not the second one), you’ll receive a Rare

Kind of confusing. Sorry.

Image #1

Image #2 (hint: in middle east/north africa)

Image #3

  1. Ireland
  2. Tunisia
  3. The Netherlands
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  1. UK
  2. Lebanon
  3. Denmark
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2.The Netherlands


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  1. Portugal
  2. Israel
  3. Netherlands
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  1. Italy
  2. Israel
  3. Netherlands
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Oopsie poopsies

Totally forgot about this :stuck_out_tongue:

@Nicholas gets to customize my Discord name and bio plus receive a legendary trading card!!!

@Germanien will receive an epic!!


You could say thats very epic,
I know I am funny, thanks

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