General Debate

General Debate
Participants may discuss issues pertaining to regional reform, bring forth proposals for discussion by other members, motion proposals to a vote, and vote on proposals to advance them to later stages in the Great Council. A up-to-date list of participants may be found in the Official Dashboard (linked below).

Members of the South Pacific who do not otherwise qualify for participation may engage in debate but cannot motion proposals to a vote or vote on proposals.

Refer to the following resources for relevant information regarding the Great Council:

In accordance with the Great Council Convening Resolution, the rules of procedure are as follows:
  • Participants may submit issues and proposals for the consideration of the Great Council. Proposals should aim to comply with the Law Standards Act.

  • Members of the South Pacific, without regard to their participation status, may engage in discussion of existing issues and proposals. The Chair reserves the right to limit discussion by non-participants.

  • Participants may motion to vote any proposal that has been debated for at least five days. Motions do not need to be seconded.

  • Participants may motion to vote any proposal to overrule a decision by the Chair, amend the Great Council Convening Resolution, or end general debate.

  • Proposals with a motion will be brought to a vote at 14:00 UTC for a period of five days.

  • Proposals for amendments to the law require a three-fifths majority to pass. Proposals on matters of procedure require a simple majority to pass.