Funnyman/Orcuo ban

Funnyman/Oruco is banned from the TSP forum, Discord, and in-game region indefinitely for a pattern of discriminatory trolling across multiple incidents.

This pattern was originally identified to moderation in mid-January following a set of comments in our #current-events channel. In that case, a warning was issued. We are standing by the original warning.

It’s very possible for a reasonable person who is influenced by their environment to hold a transphobic belief just because it’s what the world is pushing on them - for a personal example, UK media is constantly pushing hateful stuff against trans people, and I keep having to explain to my grandma that trans people are fine. This isn’t because my grandma is inherently a hateful person; she’s just being misled, and can learn. This general approach remains true for all forms of discrimination covered by our Community Standards. If someone’s actions or statements are inadvertently discriminatory, or within the bounds of what is (unfortunately) generally tolerated in society, as Funnyman’s were in this case, we issued a warning and offered opportunities to learn more and grow by talking with a moderator. If comments are blatantly discriminatory (i.e. “X people should die”, showing a Swastika or neo-Confederate imagery, etc.), they will result in an insta ban. Inadvertently discriminatory comments which are informed by context can also result in an instaban if they persist despite opportunities to grow/improve.

In the case of Funnyman/Oruco, it has become clear over time that they did not intend to take opportunities to grow/improve and instead have persisted with the pattern of discriminatory trolling. Based on reports from TSP’s RMB and Discord servers of other regions, we’ve determined there’s a persistent pattern of trolling and chosen to implement a full ban.

Thank you to those who provided specific things for us to look at in making that determination. Providing specific reports of problematic posts is an extremely helpful tool for assisting moderation, as is following the appeal guidelines outlined in the community standards. Remember to be patient with moderation; complex issues require more discussion than a few minutes, and insisting we are failing for not treating everything as urgent is unhelpful.

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