Full Reset: A1-0

Hey all, I know tensions are high, but if you’re going to come into this thread to talk, let’s establish some ground rules. I know I’m not a moderator, but I feel as though we should have some base rules.

  • Be Respectful | This should be obvious. I expect everybody here to be respectful to one another. Treat others how you wish to be treated.

  • Stay Relevant to Topic | Low Hanging Fruit Exists. If you want to have a discussion that’s irrelevant to this discussion, go there.

  • Don’t inflame others | This should fall under the Be Respectful Rule, inflaming others will lead to worse outcomes for all involved. Don’t make the situation worse.

  • No Drama | Keep everything at the door. I don’t want to hear it, nobody wants to hear it.


It’s a damn shame that all of this is happening now, since I’ve spent almost an entire year trying to build up Colonus and planning with it, just for everything to fall appart right before the rps started hitting their stride.

I honestly don’t know how I feel about this. The canon is too broken right now to continue on without major renovations, but a full retconn is a very blunt and damaging tool to use on it, especially so soon after everything went down. When the time comes to choose, which shouldn’t happen until heads cool off and we all have tome to think about this, it should be the community’s decision.

In the meantime, this also gives us an unprecedented opportunity to explore the potential of extra-canons. Currently, we have Agrippa running, and either after it runs or after a few months timen I plan to experiment with them myself. At the same time, if we choose to full retcon A1-0, there’s no reason to just keep everything the same. There’d be room to explore and tamper with the rules and settings of the universe.


I’ve deleted a low number of messages for being inflammatory in nature/against the Community Guidelines.

We will follow the discussion as roleplay moderators for obvious reasons. I’ve taken a note of the criticism in terms of the canon’s self-moderation.

Apart from that, I can tell you, that the question about the future of A1-0 and how to handle the recent wishes by Mav are discussed at this very moment. Due to the difficulties, Rob has summarised them well, I don’t know, if we can or should have a quick answer to a “reset” of the A1-0 canon, but I hope we can at least give you all a reliable update on what will happen to Mav’s worldbuilding in A1-0 in a timely manner.


I personally hope we don’t have to completely retcon everything. Six years of slow and steady worldbuilding from many of us would just feel like a slap in the face…


It still remains to be seen how much lore will really be retconned, and how much of Maverick’s proclaimed destruction of A1-0 is just him overstating his actions’ true impact. The full elimination of everything that Maverick has demanded the removal of would likely remove much of the “old” A1-0; this coupled with Galaxiel’s departure leaves a somewhat sparse shared canon lore and a relative lack of major canon anchor nations, which is why a total rewrite is being discussed now. In the event that TSPRP elects to reject some or all of Maverick’s demands, however, this calculus may change significantly.


Could we get an update on what’s happening soon? I’m not in the discord, so is something happening?

Also going to throw a new dating system here

SIY – Standardized Interstellar Year – An arbitrary 10 month calendar, consisting of thirty days each. Used out of character to denote time, could replace ABT/BBT should we decide to remove it


We were meant to discuss what we will do with A1-0 today, but seems like everybody forgot or was just waiting for somebody else to take the initiative.


Assigning a time value to our OOC years makes it difficult to have that kind of fluidity that we commonly use. Although, I suppose it would be nice to know exactly when something happens in comparison to other events in the same year. If we were to do this, we should just use the standard Gregorian calendar (for months/days)—there’s no use changing things up because it’s an OOC system not related to anything IRP + a new system will make things unnecessarily complex.


SIY probably shouldn’t be based off the Gregorian calendar for this the reason that if SIY is connected to Gregorian Calendar, people may connect the time period with the human Gregorian Calendar, if we set the year to 1579 SIY, people may think that it’s 1579 on earth when that’s not necessarily the case

But it could be based on the Gregorian Calendar, we just have to make it apparent that the times are distinct from the Gregorian calendar


I believe it should be based on the Gregorian calendar. It will be less confusing for people to use.


Alright, are we holding the discussion here, on another topic, or making a new one? We really need to get the ball rolling on this, or else move on from A1-0 to something else


I think we should make a new topic, to keep everything more organized and get to more people.


I agree, it would be more practical and less confusing for everyone.

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You mean less confusing?

Yes, sorry. I forgot to put the adjective.