Formal Request to Exchange Embassies with Detroxia

Federation of Lutezzik

3800 Regal Avenue
Bitanga, Capitol District, 39002

Detroix City

Dear President of Detroxia,

I hope this letter finds you well. On behalf of the Federation of Lutezzik, I am writing to express our sincere interest in establishing diplomatic relations with Detroxia.

The Federation of Lutezzik values international cooperation, peaceful dialogue, and mutual understanding between nations. We believe that establishing formal diplomatic relations will strengthen the ties between our two nations and pave the way for fruitful collaboration in various areas of common interest.

In light of this, I would like to propose the exchange of diplomatic missions by opening embassies in our respective capitals. This would facilitate direct communication and enhance our ability to work together on issues of shared concern, promote cultural exchange, and foster deeper friendship between our peoples.

We assure you that our embassy will adhere to all local laws and respect the sovereignty of Detroxia. Likewise, we warmly welcome your diplomatic mission to Bitanga and guarantee their safety and proper functioning within our borders.

To formalize this proposal, we kindly request your consent to proceed with the establishment of embassies. Should you require any additional information or clarifications, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We eagerly await your positive response, which will undoubtedly mark the beginning of a promising and amicable relationship between our nations.

Thank you for considering this proposal. We look forward to the opportunity to work closely with Detroxia for the betterment of our regions and the world.


Chancellor of the Federation of Lutezzik
Ya’ish Ibn Rabi


Republic of Detroxia

79 Aleja Radziwiłów
Detroix City

Federation of Lutezzik

Dear Chancellor Ya’ish Ibn Rabi,

I hope this letter finds you well. On behalf of the Republic of Detroxia, I believe that estabilishing diplomatic relations will be beneficial to both of our nations.

I fully support your proposal of exchanging embassies in our mutual capitals. I assure you that our embassy will too adhere to all local laws and respect the soveregnity of Lutezzik. Likewise, I guarantee the safety of your embassy, especially in the face of the recent events in the north of our country.

I hope that this endevour will help to work together on our common issues and create an everlasting friendship between our nations and their people.


President of the Republic of Detroxia
Antoni Piast

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Dear President Piast,

The following is a draft of an agreement for the establishment of mutual embassies. Please review it, and notify our Department of State of any amendments your government may require.

Agreement for the Establishment of Diplomatic Relations and Exchange of Embassies between the Federation and the Republic of Detroxia

The Federation, represented by its Chancellor, and the Republic of Detroxia, represented by its President, desiring to enhance mutual understanding, promote cooperation, and strengthen bilateral ties between their respective nations, hereby establish diplomatic relations and agree to exchange embassies in each other’s capitals in accordance with international law and diplomatic protocol.

Article 1: Establishment of Diplomatic Relations

  1. The Federation and the Republic of Detroxia recognize each other as sovereign and independent nations and agree to establish full diplomatic relations at the ambassadorial level.
  2. The diplomatic relations shall be guided by the principles of respect for territorial integrity, mutual non-interference in internal affairs, and respect for international law.

Article 2: Exchange of Embassies

  1. The Federation shall establish an embassy in the capital of the Republic of Detroxia, and the Republic of Detroxia shall establish an embassy in the capital of the Federation.
  2. Each party shall designate an Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to represent their respective governments in the host country.
  3. The embassies shall serve as the primary channels for official communications and diplomatic engagements between the two nations.

Article 3: Diplomatic Privileges and Immunities

  1. The personnel of the respective embassies and their families shall be entitled to the privileges and immunities provided under international law.
  2. The host country shall facilitate the functioning of the embassies and ensure the safety and security of diplomatic personnel.

Article 4: Cooperation and Collaboration

  1. The Federation and the Republic of Detroxia shall seek opportunities for cooperation and collaboration in areas of mutual interest, including but not limited to trade, education, culture, science, and technology.
  2. The embassies shall work to promote mutual understanding and friendship between the two nations.

Article 5: Termination and Withdrawal

  1. Either party may terminate this agreement by providing written notice to the other party through diplomatic channels.
  2. In the event of termination, the parties shall ensure the orderly withdrawal of embassy personnel and the protection of embassy property and assets.

Article 6: Entry into Force

  1. This agreement shall enter into force on the date of its signing by both parties.
  2. This agreement shall remain in force indefinitely, unless terminated as per Article 5.

Done in duplicate, in the Federation Standard and Detroxian languages, both texts being equally authentic.

For the Federation:
[Chancellor’s Full Name]
Chancellor of the Federation

For the Republic of Detroxia:
[President’s Full Name]
President of the Republic of Detroxia

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