Formal discussion about Aurora magic system and potential Great Magic User (GMU) system

As we plan to revive the Aurora canon, a few issues regarding the magic system of the canon have popped up. This thread is to discuss these issues and formally come to a community decision about what exactly these rules should be, and draft a final outline to present to the neccessary roleplay moderators to enforce rules that need active enforcement. The agenda for this discussion is:

  • define the basic rules of our magic system. While it is a SOFT magic system, meaning that the magic system is flexible and undefined, we need to outline:

    • What should NOT be possible in the magic system
    • What should DEFINITELY be possible in the magic system
    • the difficulty level of certain activities in the magic system
      *any additional points can be added through discussion and will be edited into this first message so that anyone can see the current state of the discussion. Additionally, any points we have come to a consensus on will be crossed out Like this and a basic explanation of our consensus will be given next to it.
  • The Great Magic Users or Great Mythical Beasts (henceforth abbreviated to GMU and GMB) system which allows for a limited amount of extremely powerful characters exist for the purposes of storytelling, but not so many that it ends up breaking or harming roleplay. We need to outline:

    • What the specific paramaters are that define a GMU/GMB
    • How many GMU/GMBs a roleplayer should be allowed to have
    • How we enforce the GMU/GMB rule
    • How extremely powerful artifacts outside of a specific character are defined in the GMU/GMB rule

I now would request that we discuss the points in the magic system as it will then be easier to define the rules for GMU/GMBs. I also ask that if anyone thinks there are points not mentioned here that will need discussion, please request them with a reply.


Another thing to add complexity to GMUs: groups who collectively have the power of a GMU but not individually.

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I don’t have time to comment on this yet, but glad to see it made!

I think that everybody should be allowed additional gmus for a short internal story as long as they are killed off

Or made so that their GMU powers are inaccessible

At the end of the 2+ weeks, we should have a bunch of people who weren’t affiliated with the planning process whatsoever rp a situation to see how they interpret the rules and if there’s any plot holes


another question I want to ask, magic immortality to those other then the undead. Who can grant it? Who can have it? And how many people can have it?

we may have to extend time if the ball doesn’t get rolling at first

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That would make sense. Perhaps we should have allowance for temporary GMU/GMBs for storylines.

Imortality seems like it would be a GMU ability. We should probably discuss the magic system more to get a better sense of that first.

Yeah. That’s why I said 2+ :slight_smile:

I feel like the GMUs and GMBs will be really important to each kingdom’s creation theory. The Sorven Expanse has a roughly (currently unmeasured for obvious reasons) 20 feet deep river. They believe that it was made by a blow from a giant’s axe during Ragnarök, and that the giant’s corpse is under what is now Aurora.
Their religion was Norse Mythology, but they believe Ragnarök already happened, so they have a new set of gods now.

As for this, I don’t know how we’d balance this. I guess it depends on the size of the group? Like, an army of expert mages 1000 strong may be able to reach the level of a (weaker) GMU, but I wouldn’t think we should not let players form powerful armies. Perhaps if the group is large enough that it makes logical sense or temporary enough we can allow such things to pass.

I feel like the most powerful nations should be controlled by an Aurora Council. So if there’s someone who is strong enough that it takes several nations to defeat, it’s the council who would control them

Not really a good idea, and also perhaps beyond the scope of this discussion. Power scaling of nations applies- people have the right to choose to roleplay as a Great Power, a middling power or an insignificant power. Nations controlled by multiple people are different, case by case scenarios, and NPC or Collective Worldbuilding nations are owned by the community, not the elite few.

I guess
I just don’t want someone to be like “Ah ha! It is I, the great God Silandria who wiped out civilization 500 years ago, and am here to do it again!”

That is part of the point of the GMU system, and consent rules still apply, so we could boycott roleplaying with that user.

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I believe having gods as present or at least fully present is a bad idea

Probably although the undead and some species may be immortal or extremely long lived

Yeah, let’s leave them strictly to legends and lore