Fluffy and Noodle Sitting in a Tree


OH NO!!!

NOODLE! What happened to Fluffy?!

I guess the cake versions of you two are what I will present to the region then…

Vote Fluffy and Noodle for Craziest! They will share the cake if they win! Just don’t look Noodle in the eye…



That’s great and all, but do we get to eat the “dog”-shaped cakes?

Real :flushed: or :crossed_fingers: cake? :cake:

Always bet on cake

Definitely real.

Oh yes, the cake is very real. And yes, you can eat it!

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Dang eating fluffy is going to feel so guilty (or you should feel guilty)

You want to eat Fluffy???

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Is the person who eats the craziest (cake) the craziest?

Of course not! By eating the crazy cakes, you actually are vanquishing crazy!

But the cakes come out of the oven quicker than you can eat them, so you can never get rid of the crazy!