Fists Of Steel 4 Info Thread

This Thread will be for Info for the IRP Game Fists Of Steel 4(IRP Hearts Of Iron 4)

This thread will contain Mods, Names For Countries Under Different Ideologies(Democratic, Frankist, Communist, Monarchist, Authoritarianism), Achievements, FOS4 Youwatchers, and DLC.

Its recommended that You create a post for your specific IRP Nation(s).


Karnetvorian Crabry- Dominion of the Kingdom of Karnetvor
(updated in the Wings of Crimson DLC)
Starting Situaton
Capital: Gawrnov
Government Type: Monarchist- 40% popularity
Leader: Dmitry Pavlov

  • Inexperienced Liberal: Political Gain -15%, Stability -10%
  • Railroad Enthusiast: + 5% Railway Construction Speed
  • Economic Reformer: -25% Economic Laws, +5% Consumer Goods
  • Newly Appointed: Monthly Stability Gain: 0.1

National Spirits

  • King Peter II: Stability: +5%, Political Gain +10%
    King Peter II’s many visits to the Dominion have improved his image as a benevolent, kind ruler of the people. This image of the King unifies the Garanian and Karnetvorian People.However, this support may not be as strong as it seems.
  • Economc Ties with the TCC: Consumer Goods -2%, Resource Gain Efficiency: +10%, Construction Speed: 10%.
    Due to its proximity, Garanian, and later Karnetvorian traders have made ties with the Terminan City states. This has allowed significant investments to be made for the developing Dominion. A Conflict with Termina may end these benefits, and with it, the support of the Industries
  • Influx of Immigrants from the mainland: Monthly Population: +20%, Consumer Goods: +15%, Monthly Autonomy Progress: -0.1
    The Dominion was indeed, made to solve the overpopulation issue in the Fatherland. However, as situation worsens there, many come to us to find jobs and settlement. While the Dominion welcomes them, they are unwelcomed by the Garanians, and even some Karnetvorians who arrived before them. What makes it worse is that it seems the Dominion’s economy is not as stable to withstand the influx.
  • Support of the Garanians- Indifferent: Stability: -5%, War Support: -10%, Recruitable Population Factor: -10%, Daily Compliance Growth: +0.2
  • Support of the Military- Low: War Support: -15%, Training Time: +20%, Army Organization: -10%, Division Attrition: +15%
  • Support of the Industrialists- High: Consumer Goods: -10%, Factory Production: +20%, Production Efficiency Cap: +10%,
    Industry and Resources at start
    10 Civillian factories
    6 Military Factories
    2 Naval Dockyards

Oil 90
Steel 87
Aluminium 23
Tungsten 45
Chromium 15
Rubber 30


  • Historical: Dmitry Pavlov survives the assassination attempt, and continues to rule over Karnetvorian Crabry. His policies will slowly detatch Karnetvorian Crabry from Karnetvor. Garanians will find themselves with more rights than before, in return for their support. Pavlov will revolt against Karnetvor during the Great War, crippling Karnetvor‚Äôs foothold in Crabry. It will then proclaim a Democratic Republic.
  • Monarchist: Dmitry Pavlov dies after the assassination attempt, with Marshal Konstantin Shleyfon replacing him as the Governor-General. His hardline policies integrate Karnetvorian Crabry into Karnetvor, transforming it into a ‚ÄúModel Colony‚ÄĚ.


  • Reforms: No matter what route you take, the Player has to make reforms, which are divided into 3 major policies. Social Policy, related to improving the rights of Garanians, will strengthen their support to the current authorities, which lessens Administrative strains. Economical Policy, related to modernizing the economical system and removing unnecessary regulations and implementing necessary ones, will strengthen the Industrialists‚Äô support to the current authorities. Military Policy, related to modernizing equipment and improving doctrine to match the current situation in the Dominion, will strengthen support of the Military, making them more likely to join the Player‚Äôs side in the event of an Uprising. Reforms, that are in the form of decisions, will use political points to implement, and will either buff or debuff the ‚ÄúSupport‚ÄĚ family of national spirits.

Kingdom Of Emerald
Starting Situation
Capital: Starton
Government Type: Monarchist(Emerald Social Party)-75% popularity
Leader: (1946) Henryk Erikson, (1949) Sven Rivers

  • Isolationist: Research Speed +50%, Military Factory Construction Speed +40%
  • Economist: -25% Economic Laws, +10% Consumer Goods


  • Military Reformer: Research Speed +10%, Naval Doctrine Cost -20%
  • Royal Puppet: Stability -10%, Political Gain -5%
  • Former Admiral: Dockyard Construction Speed -20%, Naval Research Speed -15%

National Spirits

  • King Jason II: Stability +15%, Political Gain +5%
    Crowned In 1932, King Jason II has been a unifying factor for many Emeraldians, even among Denverians he has been seen as unifying, but his lack of power will quickly become a struggle.
  • One Sided Military Spending: Army Doctrine Cost +30%, Infantry Research Speed +50%, Armor Research Speed +25%, Artillery Research Speed +50%, Support Company Research Speed +40%, Dockyard Construction Speed +30%, Naval Research Speed -50%, Naval Doctrine Cost -25%
    Emeralds Proud Naval History has meant that the Emeraldian Royal Army has gotten less and less funding in recent years, in order to focus on the Emeraldian Royal Navy.

Industry and Resources at start
16 Civilian Factories
10 Military Factories
15 Naval Dockyards

Oil 80
Steel 78
Aluminium 10
Tungsten 35
Chromium 30
Rubber 15


  • Historical: Emerald slowly begins military build up, After the Gianlucan Focus ‚ÄúSeize New Colradia‚ÄĚ, Emerald will declare war on Gianlucaland, and after Karnetvorian Focus ‚ÄúAttack Copenhagen‚ÄĚ, Declare war on Karnetvor.
  • Union Path: If Player chooses Focus ‚ÄúUnion Act Of 1946‚ÄĚ, Emerald and Denver will Unite.
  • Imperialist Path: As Emerald, go down Focus ‚ÄúStage Attack On The Faroe By Sedunn‚ÄĚ, which will end up with Emerald declaring war on the Allies

Alliance: Denvari Alliance

Related DLC: Union Of Stars

Name Of Country Under Different Ideologies:

  • United Republics Of Emeraldia(Democracy)
  • United Emeraldian State(Auth.)
  • United Communes Of Emeraldia(Communist)
  • National States Of Emerald(Frankist)

Related Achievements

Wait… What??
As Emerald, Dissolve the Kingdom

As any Denvari State, Unite all Denvari States

Denvarian Tarnia
As Emerald, Invade and Annex Stoinia

Reversed Roles
As Emerald, Go Frankist and Invade Gianlucaland

United Forever!
As Emerald, Unite with Denver

As Emerald, Dissolve the Denvari Alliance and Join the Imperialists and Annex all Former Allies

The Raven
As Emerald, Have Cmdr. David ‚ÄúRaven‚ÄĚ Svenson Come to Power via Coup before Gianlucaland Invades Cimbria

Releasable States:

  • Kingdom Of Jylland
  • Duchy Of Centralia
  • Kingdom Of Emral
  • Free Colradian State
  • Independent State Of New Emral
  • Federal Republic Of New Colradia


  • Governmental Trust: No matter the route, you must always maintain a sense of trust within the Government, which means that having lower trust will lead to less efficiency of Production and Higher Increase of Civil War. To build trust, you need to pass Social Laws that increase popularity in your government, however, being an unpopular ideology will greatly decrease trust in the government. To ensure that the military maintains trust in case of an uprising, you must make sure the military(All Branches) is well equipped with Modern Equipment and improving doctrine. Laws will cost political points and will change the Governmental Trust National Spirits(Ranges from High Trust to Illegitimate)
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Kingdom Of Cimbria
Starting Situation
Capital: Copenhagen
Government Type: Monarchist(Cimbrian Royal Coalition)-55% Popularity
Leader: King John III Of Jylland

  • Unpopular Monarch: WIP
  • Weak Willed: WIP
  • Inexperienced: WIP
  • Political Moron: WIP

National Spirits

  • Crashing Economy: WIP
  • Austral Scars:
  • Bad Memories of Oppression:


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Republic of Livana
(Special Focus Tree and National Spirits only available in the Path to 61’ mod)

Starting Situation

Capital: Livonia
Government Type: Democratic (Republican Loyalists) - 41% popularity
Other Factions:

  • Authoritarian (Antonian Loyalists) - 39% popularity
  • Communist (Syndicalists) - 12%
  • Frankist (Purification League) - 8%
  • Monarchist (Legitimist) - 0%

Leader: Antonio Hunters (Democratic Dictator: Daily Authoritarian Support +0.05)

National Spirits

  • Antonian Mobs: Stability: +10%, Political Power Gain +15%
    President Antonio’s tight grip over the government allowed him to cooperate with the shadier parts of Livana’s populace to ensure order and stability amongst the populace.

  • Gilded Complacency: Consumer Goods +5%, Industrial Research Speed: -10%, Construction Speed: -10%, Ideology Drift Defense +50%.
    The Republic has undergone an economic boom and wealth is on the rise. However, rising living conditions have led to complacency and inefficiency within Livana’s industries.

Industry at start

  • 5 Civilian Factories (2 in Southern Liv, 2 in Northern Liv, 1 in Cinis)
  • 1 Military Factory in Southern Liv
  • 1 Naval Dockyard in Southern Liv

Resources at start:

  • Oil 20 (15 in Cinis, 5 in Northern Liv)
  • Steel 15 in Southern Liv
  • Aluminium 10 in Southern Liv

Name Of Country Under Different Ideologies:

  • Livanan Confederation (Democracy)
  • Republic of Livana (Authoritarian)
  • Livanan People‚Äôs Alliance (Communist)
  • Republic of Livana (Frankist)
  • United Kingdom of Livana/Holy Rosarian Ecclesiarchy (Monarchist)


  • Historical (Frankist): If Anarchy Rate reached 100% Civil War broke out between Livana and the Frankist aligned Freedom Fighters (FF) led by Tarsis Vitruvia (Livana‚Äôs Colonel: Political Power Gain +10%, Daily Frankist Support +0.05, Consumer Goods -5%). Antonio Hunters will be killed and Tarsis will be the new leader with the new Purification League national spirit (Ideological Drift Defense +25%, Stability +10%), replacing the Antonian Mobs spirit.

  • Democratic: Anarchy Rate must not reach 100% (using the Government Crackdown decisions), the focus Coup Antonio must be finished, allowing the Parliament under Raphael Lucius (Democratic Reformer: Political Power Gain +15%, Daily Democratic Support +0.05) to take over the government and form the Livanan Confederarion. The Antonian Mobs spirit would be deactivated.

  • Communist: If Anarchy Rate reached 100% Civil War broke out between Livana and the FF. Before the Civil War is won, Communist Popularity within FF must reached more than 50%, allowing the Syndicalist Rubeus Halgen (People‚Äôs Commissar: Daily Communist Support +0.05, Consumer Goods -5%, Construction Speed +10%) to take over. After Antonio Hunters is killed, Halgen will declare a new Livanan People‚Äôs Alliance. The Antonian Mobs spirit would be deactivated.

  • Authoritarian: Anarchy Rate must not reach 100% before the focus ‚ÄėNational Purge‚Äô is finished. This can be achieved through spending political powers in ‚ÄėGovernment Crackdown‚Äô decisions. Should the Anarchy Rate reached 100%, Livana must won the Civil War against the FF, which would allow the ‚ÄėNational Purge‚Äô focus to be bypassed.

  • Monarchist: Appoint the Monarchist Advisor 'Janus Morvinius (Daily Monarchist Support +0.05). Follow the Authoritarian Route until after the National Purge focus is finished, then start the ‚ÄėUnquestionable Legitimacy‚Äô focus (require 25% Monarchist Support). The event ‚ÄėInvite Claimants‚Äô will fire, allowing the player to choose one amongst the three royalist candidates (King Albertus Canna, King Varnius II Arcana, Prince Julian VI Varana) and one theocratic candidate (High Priest Theopilus IX)) all candidates would provide a national spirit with their name when chosen (Stability +10% and Ideological Drift Defense +25%).

Anarchy Rate: The event ‚ÄėLivanan Bankruptcy‚Äô will fire, replacing the national spirit ‚ÄėGilded Complacency‚Äô with ‚ÄėEconomic Recession (Construction Speed -25%, Industrial Research Speed -25%, Political Power Cost +25%)‚Äô that would last for two year. The Anarchy Rate mechanism will be unlocked after the ‚ÄėNational Emergency‚Äô event fired, and would tick from 0% to 100%, gaining daily ticking of 0.5%. The Anarchy Rate can be reduced through using the Government Crackdown decisions (unlocked through the ‚ÄėAntonian Regime‚Äô focus), or expedited through the Mass Insurgency decisions (unlocked through the ‚ÄėOppose Antonio‚Äô focus). The mechanism will disappear if FF won the civil war. If Antonio won the war, the mechanism stays, but the ticking is reduced to daily uptick of 0.01%, while the Government Crackdown decisions would remain available.

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