Fishmas Season Is Almost Here!

When religion went on the decline in Yttria, rather than getting rid of the holiday season, we changed them! Yes, Fishmas is almost here, a time when we celebrate our workers and thank them for all they do each year! This Fishmas season, we in Yttria want to share some of our Culture with the rest of Cordilia!


Whitewater is a highly anticipated horror movie coming out this December. Although fishing and fisheries aren’t our biggest industry, they’re our most celebrated. Our culture has developed around fish, and we wouldn’t be who we are without them.

The hotly anticipated new Sci-Fi book by Corrin Sars is coming out just in time for Fishmas.

To many, Fishmas is a time to look back on not just the year, but also the history of the country. To some, the People’s Flag of Yttria is a reminder that past mistakes can continue to hurt us today. To others, it’s a lesson that not everything different is bad.

The famous Forvard Theater is hosting “Jorcana!”, a play about the Yttrian days of despair. The theater is a popular vacation destination, especially during Fishmas.

The official poster for Whitewater has dropped!