First contact with the HRG

A HRG science accidentally crossed the border between then and the Holy Imperium, not that they knew that there was a alien empire there. The ship was small, almost cramped. The ship was pioloted by a 230 cm tall humanoid with pointy ears, red eyes, and short white hair, and pale skin. They seemed to have a frustrated and bored expression on their face, speaking in a unknown language to what seemed to be the ship’s ai assistent, the ship itself was as black as the void. The ship is quite primitive compared to the rest of the galaxy, as the lazers are barely strong enough to destroy oncoming asteroids if needed. And the ship itself was equipped with a realspace ftl engine, which means the journey took even longer. Surprisingly though it seems the ships is actually faster than average when not going ftl. They sip a container with a unknown fluid inside.

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