Federation of Lutezzik


Pronounced Loo-tez-zik, the Lutezzik Federation is a federation with six (6) member states. Each member state sends an elected delegation to represent it at the Federation Council. Every ten (10) years the Federation Council votes for a Chancellor to chair the council. The Chancellor is a non-voting member of the Council and simply serves as a chairperson and acts as Head of State for the Federation. Coinciding with the Council’s election of a Chancellor, the citizens of the Federation are granted the right to vote for a Chancellor-Regent to serve as a tie-breaker, an assistant head of state, and head of the government. Each member state is largely autonomous, and generally conducts internal political affairs with little or no interference from the Federation Council. Each member state must abide by Federation Standard Law, and the Declaration of Universal Recognized Rights. The currency used in Lutezzik is the Federation Dollar.

Articles of Federation the governing document of the Lutezzik Federation.

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Federation of Lutezzik Wiki for historical references, and most other national information. This is currently under construction, pardon the gaps.

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Official languages:

Federation Standard, Austral (English), Lü, Yad, Draki, Uldastral, and Quarese


Federation Dollar


Main industries:
Textiles, clean energy technologies, energy, commercial cargo and passenger ships, metals and ores, and fish products.

Top Exports:

  • Textiles
    Lutezzik’s textile industry exports a variety of clothing items, fabrics, and textiles to other nations.
  • Clean Energy Technologies
    Lutezzik’s expertise in clean energy technologies leads to the export of renewable energy equipment, such as solar panels, wind turbines, and energy-efficient appliances.
  • Commercial Cargo and Passenger Ships
    As a major player in shipbuilding, Lutezzik exports cargo and passenger vessels to countries and entities needing modern maritime transportation solutions.
  • Fish Products
    With access to rich marine resources, Lutezzik exports a diverse range of fish products, such as frozen fish, canned seafood, and fish oils.
  • Metals and Ores
    The nation’s mining sector, though small, exports various metals, ores, and minerals to global markets for industrial applications.
  • Energy
    Lutezzik’s clean energy production also results in the export of surplus energy to neighboring countries or energy-importing nations.

Top Imports:

  • Agricultural Products
    Due to the harsh Antarctic climate, Lutezzik imports various agricultural products, including fruits, vegetables, and grains, to meet its domestic demand.
  • Manufactured Goods
    While Lutezzik has a strong industrial base, it must still import specialized manufactured goods and high-tech equipment not readily produced domestically.
  • Technology and Electronics
    Advanced technological products, electronics, and communication devices are be imported to keep Lutezzik technologically up-to-date.
  • Raw Materials
    For industries that require specific raw materials not readily available within the nation, Lutezzik needs to import cotton, wool, silk, specialty fabrics, and synthetic fibers. Additionally, dyes, pigments, and chemicals used in the dyeing and printing processes are imported.
  • Luxury Goods
    Higher-end luxury items, such as luxury vehicles, designer fashion, and high-end electronics, could be imported to cater to the affluent segment of the population.

GDP (nominal):
32,387 FDS (Federation Dollars)


Gross National Income (GNI):
227,221,921.454.72 FDS

GNI per Capita:
~27,500 FDS

Gini Coefficient:


Total Population:

States, territories and their population

  • Esserix- 7,618,832
  • Capitol District- 3,952,346
  • Yasted- 973,646
  • Dradena- 3,948,965
  • Zaia Territory- 749,984
  • Ansson- 10,836,610
  • Quar Alliance- 1,525,449
  • Luross- 3,564,356

Federation Ethnicities

  • Esseraki- 14.0%
    Corlaani- 1.3%
    Corlansan- 0.46%
  • Lu- 4.75%
  • Yaz- 4.8%
    Kazi- 2.4%
  • Dradenian- 5.62%
  • Anssonian- 21.8%
    Uld- 10.2%
  • Quari- 5.2%
    Takran- 7.97%
    Drez- 4.8%
    Malme- 2.1%

Life expectancy at birth: 67.6 years

Mean years of schooling: 13.7 years

Expected years of schooling: 14-16 years