Federal Republic of Kliegme

Official Name: Federal Republic of Kliegme
Type of Government: Federal semi-presidential republic
Current Head of State: President Alexei Boroshilov
Current Head of Government: Prime Minister Honoka Kalinina
Official Language: Karnetvorian
National Minority Language: Garanian, Hinomoto, Almanian

Description: Kliegme is a country in Northern Crabry in the South Pacific, bordered by Termina, N&GB, Phanama and Aberstopia. Kliegme covers a territory that is approximately 149,132 km^2. It has territories in the Romordia Mountain range along the NAGB~Aberstopia border, and the Tsarina Mountain range along the Terminan Border. It also has soverignty over half of the island of Mipha. The Country’s Capital and largest city is Mumiea, while Gawrnov is a cultural/historical centre and the second Largest City. Other major urban areas include Phonixburg, Bisei, Polkolova, and Chapayev.

The Kingdom of Kurigu, established in 1678 by the Crabry Gara, was colonised by the Kingdom of Karnetvor in 1885 as the Karnetvorian Crabry Colonies, shortly after Karnetvor’s unification. Historians believe the colonization was a bid to expand Karnetvor’s maritime territories, and to gain a foothold in Crabry. Due to this Colonization, Kliegme’s demographics saw a significant change, such as the Karnetvorization of the Crabry Garanians, or the introduction of Almanians.

During the Great War, many regions revolted against Karnetvor, branding themselves the Provisional Government of Kliegme. After formation, The Provisional Government has engaged in Guerilla Warfare against Karnetvor. After Karnetvor’s Surrender, Karnetvorian Crabry has been occupied by Allied Forces. Guerilla Warfare from the Kliegmean Provisional Government have crippled the Allied Occupation, Which lasted until November 23rd of 1959. Ever since the Adoption of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Kliegme in January 19th, 1960, Kliegme has been governed as a federal semi-presidential republic.