Father Of The Commandos [2 ABT]

Dornan stood alone on the bridge of the “Liberator”, having only the vastness of space to keep him company in this pivotal moment. His proposition was higly unorthodox, even considered outrageus and unacceptable by many. And he was about to attemp to convince the High Command and the Grand Comissar that it wasn’t. The smell of fear and stress filled the room. “At least there isn’t anybody to smell it” he thought. “It is a good idea,” Dornan assured himself. “With the preparation you did they cannot reject it.”

A holographic projection appeared, presenting the Grand Comissar and the 8 members of the High Command as well the Director of the Political Officers. Dornan did not expect Hoxha to be there, but it meant he had at least one guaranteed voice of support.

“Hail the Grand Comissar!” Dornan greeted them.

“Commander Dornan. A defective Black Guard saved from termination by becoming a prodigé of at the time Admiral Hoxha. I’ve heard positive opinions about your military prowess.” Said the Grand Comissar. He sounded… Curious?

“Thank you, sir.” Dornan replied, while trying to stand perfectly straight and still.

“Be at ease, Commander. Now, would you explain us what is your proposition is about? It better be as good as your military successes. Your carrier might as well depend on it.”


“You are already familiar with Black Guards. Capable in combat, perfectly obedient and emotionless. They have served us well for a long time and they did it well. However, there are certain situations and missionsthat require more then that. Infiltration, sabotage or even such mundane tasks as commanding a unit. These tasks require free will and intuition, something Black Guards don’t posses.” Dornan started explaining. All of his fear was gone now, overtaken by determination and passion. He worked hard on this and it was going to pay off. “Which is why I’d like to propose creation of a new type of soldier. One possesing free will and with even better modifications then regular Black Guards, trained with a variety of weapons and tactics, meant to conduct the hardest and most important missions. I present to you the Black Guard Commandos.”

For a good half a minute nobody spoke, contemplating Dornan’s proposition. Finally somebody spoke.

“How can you prove that this is a viable strategy? I wouldn’t want to spend countless resources on a project that we are going into completely blind and might resulted in a total failure?” It was Werner, an older member of the military, which was shown by his slight purple coloring on his face. He was always opposed to any kind of a military reform. Contrary to most of the old guard, xenos did not disgust him. He simply didn’t care, which explained his isolationist stance.

“I am the proof.” Dornan replied confidently.


“What is that supposed to mean!?” Werner shouted, seemingly forgetting where he was.

“During multiple military excersises I have achieved almost flawless performance, with my independence from the comnanding officer proving invaluable to securing victory. A General in orbit cannot direct an entire planetary campaign and that’s where having leaders on the ground is very useful. They can respond much quicker to the current situation on the battlefield and adapt, while the General and his staff lack this flexibility. Multiple xeno militaries utilise this system quite effectively and…”

“Xeno! You want us to copy these failures of a lifeform! Do I need to remind you who won the Hyperwar? Ceirtanly not these xeno filth! If are to mimic their tactics, it will bring us nothing but defeat! It’s incopetence like this that will ruin the Comissariat and let the inferiors thrive! Is that what you want, deviant?” It was Suvorov, a mamber of the “Iskandrites” faction, containing the most xenophobic and radical elements within the Comissariat. They were named after their leader, Iskander, being viewed as a kind of martyr after his dishonorable discharge for the Victoria Crisis. Their rethoric was gaining traction amomg the military and the public, annoyed with the Comissars diplomatic approach and his leniency towards dealings with xenos (though their critic of the Comissar is only implied, for obvious reasons).

Dornan was worried about them. They advocated for the war to happen earlier and earlier, while rejecting any ideas for modernization that even barely resembled xeno methods. Maybe Hoxha will be able to get the others on his side.


“The fact xenos utilise it, doesn’t mean that this idea is bad. During the Hyperwar the Coalition utilized spient armies too, before the invention of droids and Black Guard genetic code. Which are both a result of studying xeno tech.” Hoxha said. He was always the most level headed during meetings like this. “As a said nany times before, due to diffferent surroundings or by pure chance xenos can innovate in different ways we do.”

“I agree. Extremism is for the masses, we need to be realists. Some deviations from the Ideology are unfortunately necessary to ensure the survival of the Comissariat.” It was Admiral Malevolence, an imposing black robot with four arms and pietcing yellow eyes. What always fascinated Dornan was his lack of “false extremism”, often used by AIs to get on the good side of the Envari. Quite bold of him, especially when in different times it could have cost him his life.

“Then it is decided. The development on the Black Guard Commandos shall start today.” Said the Comissar. It seems the proposition satisfied him.

“Thank you, sir. This project will bring great benefits to the Comissariat.”

As Dornan was preparring to turn off the projection and leave, the voice of the Comissar reached him.

“One more thing. When the first Commandos are produced, you will be in charge of training them. Are up to the task, Major?”

“Y-Yes sir.” Dornan was shocked. Did he just get promoted?