Fabric of the Empire

OOC: This topic collects various glimpses and shorts of past and current events in the Treecuu Star Empire. Sometimes the events pass unnoticed for the sector at large, sometimes they are of great significance.

Subject world Cutaa, Elvoon Mandate
Current time

Mammalian Tanoo wiped the newly fallen snow off the screen of her pad with the side of her gloved hand. The ctaan* was still on his usual path and would by all likelihood soon pass right in front of the tree she was hidden behind.

It was a shame, really. Lilee had been a good colleague and friend. Always greeting the day with a smile, ever so diligent and a real professional, but also curious and far too prone to critical thinking. At first they had tolerated that he sometimes went to the local xeno market to buy exotic food and art. Even when he visited one of the merchant’s families on personal business.

But why and when it had turned into treason she still hadn’t been able to figure out. Letting the merchant’s family access his pad was, regardless of the reason, utterly unacceptable. But she was confident that the investigation would find out. The natives easily cracked during interrogations after all. Then they would disappear to make sure that whatever they had learned from accessing Lilee’s pad never reached the other natives.

The ctaan Lilee passed the tree, having no reason to believe this wouldn’t be another normal day at work. His black Security Forces uniform looked impeccable as usual. Tanoo stepped out of her hiding, unnoticed by Lilee. She made sure that her pistol wasn’t on safe mode. Then she shouted.


Lilee turned around, surprised.

“What is th…”

He was not allowed to finish. Tanoo shot him right in his left eye. He was dead long before his body hit the snow. She didn’t need to worry about leaving behind traces of her deed. Her colleagues would take the necessary precautions. Order was restored on Cutaa. She lit another of those cigarette things the natives made of moss and inhaled, letting the hormones settle. It didn’t count as xeno influence for sure, because she had even seen the governor do that, just like the natives.

*Ctaan is Treecuu for traitor.

CEE headquarters, Tham’s office, Candact Station
Current time

Thaam, the Chair of the Committee for the Expansion of the Empire (CEE) stroke his left antenna, a sign of him being deep in thought. There had been yet another discovery of a human-dominated star nation. The Treecuu looked more and more isolated. It was a good thing they were allied with the main human power in the sector, but a pan-human movement could potentially change everything. The Treecuu needed to continue with their mediation efforts between Stoinia and the Venterrans. Friendly relations with the Venterrans was crucial, as they could be the only viable allies should the different human civilisations try to unite one day. But the Committee would have to take further precautions.

Governor Looth had been right. The Treecuu should start making preparations for a possible conflict with humans. Human psychology had been fairly well explored thanks to the joint exploration of the sector, but the anatomy, especially its biological weaknesses, was largely unknown.

Looth’s plan had merit, albeit, it was a risky one. Captain Vaac of the RFS Acteel had reported that many of the scum called pirates in the Tiyanki Territories were human. Yes. The captain should be instructed to bring live specimens home to study.

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