Extra canon: Agrippa-259

Humanity always believed it was meant to rule the stars. Ever since 500 years ago it left Gaia’s atmosphere it was set to make every dot they see theirs. It was “their destiny”. United under the banner of the Gaian empire they expanded, conquering alien populations and colonizing new worlds. They found themselves undefeatable, the phrase “Gaia invicta” was a unofficial motto of the state. This hubris is what lead to it’s downfall. Going too gready and too far, aiming for power unimaginable, they cracked their world. 9.5 billion souls, including most of the government and the entire royal family, ware gone in a instant. The bulk of the nation’s population.

The chaos that followed was unimaginable, leading to even more worlds being destroyed. Gaia’s flag was lowered, never to he raised again, but humanity and life persevered. In the 300 years after new civilizations have filled the cluster. It is now their turn to shape history.


Welcome to my new toy for easter break new extra cannon worldbuilding project! This grew out of my disliking of certain elements A1-0 and wish for a new sci fi project to be active in beside it. I think that the best way to describe what this is all about is to do it in a form of a Q&A

What is Agrippa-259?

Agrippa-259 is a extra cannon project, similar in how it works to the main roleplay cannons of TSPRP. People will be able to create their own nation in the cannon and worldbuild, roleplay with other people, etc.

What’s the setting like? How is it different from A1-0?

Even though they’re both sci fi settings, the Agrippa-259 star cluster differentiates from sector A1-0 a lot. The most obvious differences are scale and science

While in A1-0 star nations are massive, with trillions od people and thousands of worlds, in Agrippa you get up to 8 systems, take it or leave it (this could change as i make the claim system itself). This smaller scale was set to promote a lot more detail being placed and individual objects being worth a lot more. Losing 15 ships in A1-0 is nothing, losing 10 ships in Agrippa could to some states be catastrophic, depending on the State’s size.

The second big difference is science and tech. While A1-0 goes into the relm of science fantasy and very lose very far away sci fi, Agrippa is nearer future (though still far away enough, 500 years after the modern era, to allow sci fi tech, think the expanse tv show or books or the sojourn audio drama) and hard sci fi, meaning that scientific accuracy or at least plausibility is to be expected, with as little techno bable as possible. A consequence of this is that megastructures will be GREATLY limited, but not necessarily non existent. Something like a dyson swarm can be built but would be a massive expense, not everyone can afford to make one, but it’s relative power when compared to A1-0 would be a lot greater.

Also with me moderating you can expect somewhat stricter rules overall, but nothing drastic, i will not impede anyone’s creativity if it’s not causing issues to anyone else

What will claims look like?

There will be no strict plot system, at this scale it doesn’t make sense. Instead each person will be given up to a certain amount of star systems (current working number is 8) as well as wiggle room for other objects like rouge planets which they will connect with hyper lanes. Does this mean other forms of FTL will be forbidden? Probably not, but there will be a strong bias towards them. Maby they’re cheeper. Maby they are faster, require simpler tech to use? That will be decided on soon. Overall you can expect nation maps to look something like this:

(This map shows the tantalus cluster from the sojourn, one of the main inspirations for the claim system)

When will the project launch?

Claims will be opened before Friday, if i manage maby even today. I’m working on getting this project up as soon as possible because of easter break, to get more activity and because I won’t have access to my laptop over the break (I’m going to visit family, but will still be working on this). The main goal for today is to set up the map

If you have any additional questions to ask you’re encouraged to, the more the better. Helps me develop this faster. I hope y’all enjoy the project and that we get some fun RP out of it!


I have no where to post this, so I’ma dump this here

Flame me later

(Initial Nation outline for Agrippa-259)

Behold, my stuff

The Federated Trade Association Flag, each large star representing a system, the two colors representing the two local governments, and the middle star representing unity and the FTA Conference’s Capital Planet, Unitas. Credit to u/TubelessADY for making this.

The Federated Trade Association

Formed during the collapse of Gaia, the Federated Trade Association is a relatively young entity being around 250~ Years old. The FTA administers two local governments, six systems, three major population centers, five habitable planets, and a few small colonies throughout.

The FTA has a large number of companies, who provide services to other governments in the cluster. Companies founded in the FTA tend to stay because of the low tax on corporations, the expertise of tradesmen, and the amount of Silver thrown their way in the form of contracts.

The FTA Conference (Often referred to as ‘The Conference’) is the primary government of the FTA. Each inhabited planet in the FTA sends representatives to The Conference, who perform the overall budget of the FTA, which is small, but runs diplomacy, defense, and contracting services.


The Economy of the FTA is varied, and depends on the local government, as the FTA does not impede on the planet’s ability to choose an economic system.

Association Governments

The FTA subdivides into two local governments of three systems each. Here’s some pointers about them!

The Winchester Commonwealth

Credit to Angry Penguin#6416 for designing this flag. The Winchester Commonwealth’s Flag.

The Winchester Commonwealth

The Winchester Commonwealth, as an entity has existed for around 300~ Years, during the initial collapse of Gaia. It is a one house democracy, with a President. This government initially founded the FTA, which eventually, supplanted it.

The Alissi Periphery

Credit to u/DanTheTilapiaMan for designing this flag. The Alissi Periphery’s flag.

The Alissi Periphery

The Alissi Periphery, is a group of frontier systems united under one banner. This group joined the FTA for to protect themselves against common threats. It is a one house democracy, with a Prime Executive serving as the head of state.

Association Worlds

This list is of most relevant worlds.

Association Worlds

Arcadia (TWC)

The water world of Arcadia


A word to mean peace or innocence, Arcadia is a farming planet, maintaining a small population, who maintain the planet’s large farms. It is located in The Winchester Commonwealth. The food here feeds most of the FTA.

Blazefelt Pass (TAP)

[No Photo - Our Camera broke :(]

Blazefelt Pass

Blazefelt Pass is one of many uninhabitable planets in the Association, however is rich in many resources needed to construct a multitude of items, like ships, ammo, etc. As such, it is prized by many companies who go there to gather resources. A handful of forges orbit Blazefelt Pass, ready to smelt together minerals, and ship them off to shipyards and factories in the rest of the cluster. It is located in The Alissi Periphery.

Cistreo's Staff (TWC)

[No Photo - Our Camera broke :(]

Cistreo’s Staff

Cistreo’s Staff is a moon (that’s on par with most planets) orbiting a brown dwarf, which orbits an O-type star. Cistero’s Staff is in the Goldilocks zone, and thus was colonized early in the Gaian Empire. When the Gaians abandoned the planet in the wake of the catastrophe, some people from the Alissi Periphery took it over. Around 21 Billion People live on Cistero’s Staff, and that number is expected to bloom exponentially as the FTA takes a larger role in the Cluster. It is located in The Winchester Commonwealth.

Ralstoria (TWC)

[No Photo - Our Camera broke :(]


Ralstoria is the mostly densely populated planet in the Association, hosting around 114 Billion humans, and is the Capital of the Winchester System, and the Commonwealth of Winchester.

Unitas (JA)

[No Photo - Our Camera broke :(]


Unitas is the capital of the Association, serving to host the FTA Conference, and a multitude of small facilities in and around cluster. Designated as the capital due to it’s unique geography (it sits at the crossroads between the Alissi Periphery and the Winchester Commonwealth.) It has a population of 29 Billion People. Unitas has a stunning set of natural rings, and has a few orbital manufacturing facilities.

Riol (TAP)

[No Photo - Our Camera broke :(]


Riol is the capital of the Alissi Periphery, and it’s most populous planet, with around 21 Billion people.

Elisia (TAP)

[No Photo - Our Camera broke :(]


Elisia is a young planet that was discovered and was consequently colonized very recently. Elisia has a small but hardworking population of 110 Million.

Axia (TAP)

[No Photo - Our Camera broke :(]


Axia is a middleground planet, but maintains large factories that produce large quantities of items for the cluster. It is located in the Alissi Periphery.

Association Systems

The Association encompasses six systems, and here they are.

Association Systems

Winchester System (TWC)

Winchester System

The Winchester System is the crux of the Winchester Commonwealth, and hosts the capital world of Ralstoria, as well as a few more planets.

Aeria System (TAP)

Aeria System

The Aeria System is the primary system in the Alissi Periphery. It hosts the capital world of Riol, and the smaller planet of Axia.

Laeria System (TAP)

Laeria System

The Laeria System is a system in the Alissi Periphery. It hosts the world of Blazefelt Pass.

Rillia System (TWC)

Rillia System

The Rillia System hosts the important world of Arcadia, and a few minor farming colonies.

Acaia System (TAP)

Acaia System

The Acaia System is a system in the Alissi Periphery. It hosts the world of Unitas and Elisia. Acaia Prime is a B Type star, with a second star, Parallia, being a M Type Star. Parallia has a Dyson Swarm,

Ekota System (TWC)

Ekota System

The Ekota System hosts the world of Cistreo’s Staff.

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@killermantiss @Flaming

I want to start writing my article for Agrippa on the wiki, but I just wanted to ask you two what canon identifier I should use.

I was thinking of just using Agrippa, but I still wanted to check it with you both

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Yeah do agrippa

Okay, will do

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Please wait with introducing a new canon identifier until we’ve discussed how to expand the tag system to include named extra-canons.


This is kinda turning into a general discussion thread for Agrippa so imma post it here.


If ships enter a system someone at Earth’s distance wouldn’t have any way to know for at least 5 hours. In that time the ship could be 5AU away from the hyperlane. By the time they could receive the message it could be 10 hours from when they entered. Light is slow, and we don’t have any of A1-0’s fancy superluminal sensors, comms, weapons, etc. Always remember that.

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Remember peeps, you cannot chuck missiles down the hyperlanes

I tried


Remember there is no arttificial gravity. You gotta make stuff spin or use magnets to stay attached to the floor.

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For reference, light travels 1 AU in about 8 min

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Not a problem for the panvirtuality :sunglasses:

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It’s not like you can even experience the floor. Not even going to mention other stuff

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Inert Cascadium can stick you to the ground;

However if you are using inert Cascadium for your ships, do not get angry when it blows up when the neutralizer agent wears off

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Your damage control teams will thank me later

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You may proceed with adding “(Agrippa)” as canon identifier on the wiki as discussed earlier.

Personally, I will likely be unable to participate in these RPs but it looks very interesting and I hope you’ll have lots of fun!


Thanks qwert!