Expedition 216 (Rehy-Independent Nrolia first contact)

OOC notes:
Adding “a” to the end of a word refers to a person.
Adding “aa” to the end of a word indicates an ideology/religion.

ie: “Ssca” is the former nation Ssca, “Sscaa” is the demonym, “Sscaaa” is a political ideology.

“Akak” is a vocalisation meaning "do you hear me? a radio conversation ends when “akak” is not said.

Rikeuningerd use names/titles/ethnicities as personal pronouns.
ie: Scyroo is a former Syru (leader) of Rehy, Syru is well respected.

Because this is a part of a series of similar expos, and I’m starting 3 RPs, the intos are pretty much gonna be copy/pasts of the expo 214 RP intro.

Ra-hy is one of 3 significant planetary bases belonging to the Defence Defence, like all Rehy’s military installations, it is heavily defended. Ra-hy is also terraformed, having most buildings underground with varying weapons emerging from he soil: camouflaged, they seem like strange trees. There are also two docks, one on Ra-hy’s surface that other orbiting the planet.

Ship 3277 is currently docked at Ra-hy’s orbital dock, undergoing thorough examination before departing on an expedition outside Rehy’s territory. Said expedition is the last of 3 planned to occur this week.

As a Ki kra-scrscr class ship, 3277 is 3km long, 500m high and 700m wide. A large scrapping vessel designated to retrieve and/or dispose of military ships, it had 5 main scrapping plasma cannons at its front, plus 5 on its top and bottom, it’s absolutely covered in shield nodes. 3277 is painted with trippy yellow and purple stripes, number on both sides. It has 90 crew including a Captain, Co-pilot, 2 diplomats, and 20 scientists of various areas.

Ship 10, one of the first scrapping ships produced for the Kusu specialised scrappers, traversing planet Deeroo’s asteroid ring.

An engineer contacts the ship Captain: [Captian Scrscr, everything is of normal. Akak]

Captain Scrscr: [Understood. Akak]

The crew do a final scan of the ship, and there surroundings. One reports [There is a jar filled dirt and oil outside the engine bay. Akak]

Captain Scrscr: “[That is for good luck.] [Clear!]

Captian Scrscr: “exiting doc!”

Crew member: “Moving!” It took a moment to be a safe distance away from the doc to warp, “Safe!”

Captian Scrscr: “Initiating warp.”

Crew member: “Systems running good.”

Captain Scrscr: “Warping in 3…2…1!”

About 24 hours later…

Captain Scrscr contacts Ruka: [Civilian defence, this is expedition ship 3277. Are we of heard? We have successfully reached out destination. Akak]

Civilian defence: [You are of heard. Congratulations! Remember to contact us if you are in trouble.] Cheering can be heard over communications as Rikeuninerd celebrate the 3rd long distance exhibition this week.

The excitement is interrupted by the ships automated scanners alerting them of an unfamiliar planet.


A loud sound can be heard. A large satellite orbiting the planet sends 3 messages, the messages are as follows:
Glovoi Frinsil Aprox!
Hux Tla!
tɪlɑpɛlɛl ɣkrɔsʌm !
The messages seem to be in different languages as they are not in the same alphabet.


Co-pilot Kakoo-dy: “We’ve received a message. Running it threw the translation AI.”

The diplomats are summoned to the bridge coms in response to this. By the time they get there, translation has complete.

Co-pilot Kakoo-dy: “3 different languages. Allowing the AI to translate the first contact message into all 3.”

The diplomats respond with Rehy’s standard first contact message, which is sent 3 times, one for each language: [You have contacted ship 3277 a ship of Rehy. Our home planet is Ruka. Our species is Rikeuninerd. We are on an expedition far from our territory. 3277 is a scrapping vessel and we do not intend to attack.]


The team sends a message in only one language this time.

ujutɔ hɛlɪp pɪskɪpen ðɪk sɛkjʊɹɪ tɛsɪm. ujutɔ hɛlɪp bɪsken ɡɹælɑlen klɪɹɪm.
(You all have passed the security test. You all have been granted clearance to land.)


Captain Scrscr: [Where do you want us to land?]


Unknown Person: [Land on these coordinates (sends coordinates)]


Captain Scrscr punches the coordinates into the ship, then selects an option to land. Using data gathered from scanning the planet upon detection, the 3277’s AI is able to locate where to land.

An automated voice speakers over the ship: [Prepare to land]

The crew do a scan of the ship, and their surroundings: [Clear. Akak]

Captain Scrscr: [Understood.]

Captain Scrscr prompts 3277 to begin landing.

Ship AI: [Landing in 13 minutes]

Nearing the planet, 3277’s turns off and withdraws its weapons automatically. The ships AI ensures they have all successfully withdrawn, and calls out [weapons concealed]. Shields stay on upon entering the planets orbit to protect the massive ship from any debris.

Ship AI: [Landing in 5 minutes.]

3277 moves and begins descending horizontally. Shields are still on, and turn off once the ships 500m from the ground.

Ship AI: [Landing in 3…2…1]

3277 lands very softly for its size. The Rikeuninerd gather in the ships cargo hold, wich has a smaller door that can be open from the inside. The Kusu scrappers are armed, and will no one will exit until instructed to do so.

Diplomat Kakoo-rus: “We have 90 crew including a Captain, Co-pilot, 2 diplomats, and 20 scientists of various areas. Who do you want to speak to.”


UP:“[Speak to Jhreggor Konderuz the tall guy with the black coat and the medals, he will get you in contact with Jhreggor VI and we will send a ship to you.]”


Diplomat Kakoo-rus: [Miss-understanding. Wish one of us do you want to speak to? We could all get off the ship and great you, if you want.]


UP:“[Send out your Diplomat, Mr. Konderuz wants to speak to them immediately. Tell him your name first, because you do not want to be called ɹɛɹɪɡlɪɛn lɑɪmɑlɑl in front of everyone. I will now go on standby until contacted again. tʰaɪlɪŋ! !]”


Diplomat Kakoo-rus opens the small door, and steps out with Diplomat Kuk-sy, both are fully enclosed in purple armour. The door closes behind them, quickly scanning their surroundings they locate Mr. Konderuz add briskly walk over to him.

Introducing your self by name is standard procedure in Rehy, as Rikeuninerd use names as pronouns. Diplomats Kakoo-rus and Kuk-sy introduce them selves respectfully, nosing their heads in greeting: “I am Diplomat Kakoo-rus of Rehy.” “And I am Diplomat Kuk-sy of Rehy.”


Mr. Condorus: “And I am Greggor Condorus, son of Greggor VI. Nice to meet you, Kakoo-rus and Kuk-sy. Why do you come to Dgek Neva from… Rehy?”


Diplomat Kuk-sy: “We haven’t explored outside known territory for a while. Some unfamiliar locations where chosen to explore, and here happens to be one of them. Expeditions of this are to further our knowledge and perhaps diplomacy.”


Condorus: “I see, would your nation like some moltite as a symbol of our peace? It’s really versatile if you use it properly, and you can’t find it anywhere else!”


Diplomat Kakoo-rus searches through a pouch, one of many on a sort of belt that goes over the armour. Diplomat Kakoo-rus locates out a small red stone and holds onto it.

Diplomat Kakoo-rus: “Yes. In turn, this is a small rock of a planet of Rehy. It’s red and symbolises unity.”

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Conderus: “Thank you.”


Diplomat Kakoo-rus: “Now that peace is established, we should get a better understanding of each others nations before furthering relations.”

Kuk-sy: “What is your economic structure? Rehy is a currencyless syndicate.”

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Conderus: “We have a currency, but it’s worth less than dirt. We don’t use it often, and Greggor VI is weaning us off of us.”

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Diplomat Kakoo-rus writes that down onto a tablet: “If is of ok that we add information to our archive, it documents the history and current state of us and allies.”

Diplomat Kuk-sy: “I’m presuming Greggor VI is your leader person?”

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Condorus: “Yes, he is my father and he refuses to die until his first-born is no longer viable. Trust me, he exploded and then had himself reconstructed so he could outlive Greggor VII”