Expedition 215 (Rehy-Istria first contact) [2 ABT]

OOC notes:
Adding “a” to the end of a word refers to a person.
Adding “aa” to the end of a word indicates an ideology/religion.

ie: “Ssca” is the former nation Ssca, “Sscaa” is the demonym, “Sscaaa” is a political ideology.

“Akak” is a vocalisation meaning "do you hear me? a radio conversation ends when “akak” is not said.

Rikeuningerd use names/titles/ethnicities as personal pronouns.
ie: Scyroo is a former Syru (leader) of Rehy, Syru is well respected.

Because this is a part of a series of similar expos, and I’m starting 3 RPs today, the intos are pretty much gonna be copy/pasts of the expo 214 RP intro.

Ra-hy is one of 3 significant planetary bases belonging to the Defence Defence, like all Rehy’s military installations, it is heavily defended. Ra-hy is also terraformed, having most buildings underground with varying weapons emerging from he soil: camouflaged, they seem like strange trees. There are also two docks, one on Ra-hy’s surface that other orbiting the planet.

Ship 3998 is currently docked at Ra-hy’s orbital dock, undergoing thorough examination before departing on the second expedition outside Rehy’s territory this week.

As a Ki kra-scrscr class ship, 3998 is 3km long, 500m high and 700m wide. A large scrapping vessel designated to retrieve and/or dispose of military ships, it had 5 main scrapping plasma cannons at its front, plus 5 on its top and bottom, it’s absolutely covered in shield nodes. 3998 is painted with trippy yellow and purple stripes, number on both sides. It has 90 crew including a Captain, Co-pilot, 2 diplomats, and 20 scientists of various areas.

Ship 10, one of the first scrapping ships produced for the Kusu specialised scrappers, traversing planet Deeroo’s asteroid ring.

An engineer contacts the ship Captain: [Captain Kyky, everything is of normal. Akak]

Captain Kyky: [Understood. Akak]

The crew do a final scan of the ship, and there surroundings. They all state [Clear. Akak]

Captain Kyky: “[Understood.]

Captain Kyky: “exiting doc!”

Crew member: “Moving!” It took a moment to be a safe distance away from the doc to warp, “Safe!”

Captain Kyky: “Initiating warp.”

Crew member: “Systems running good.”

Captain Kyky: “Warping in 3…2…1!”

About 48 hours later…

Captain Kyky contacts Ruka: [Civilian defence, this is expedition ship 4998. Are we of heard? We have successfully reached out destination. Akak]

Civilian defence: [You are of heard. Congratulations! You have broken the record for the longest time stayed in the warp. Remember to contact us if you are in trouble.] Cheering can be heard over communications as Rikeuninerd celebrate a successful warp of this distance.

The ship dose not find anything within scanning distance, so the crew take some moments to run some diagnostics, just in case.


Near the planet of Kipar, an small Istrian military patrol assigned to the area would calmly traverse the cosmos around the planet, soon spotting an unknown vessel in the distance.

Hassan Milomir Bashar, of the crew stationed to one of the patrol’s vessels, would say: “Sir, there’s a unknown vessel in the distance, do we try to initiate a first contact?”
The captain of the Vessel, the ‘commander’ of the small patrol, would calmly respond: “Initiate a first contact, it seems as if it’s a single vessel.”
Hassan would respond: “Yes, sir.”

The small group of Istrian military vessels would slowly approach the unknown vessel, transmiting a message in all languages known to Istria, and a message in binary, all meaning the exact same thing: “Where are you from? Why are you here, in Istria?”

OOC note: I could’ve probably written this a bit better


Co-pilot Scaky-ko: “We’ve received a message. Includes binary. Running it threw the translation AI.”

The diplomats are summoned to the bridge coms in response to this. By the time they get there, translation has complete.

Co-pilot Scaky-ko. “Message reads ‘ *Where are you from? Why are you here, in Istria?’ In multiple languages.”

The diplomats respond with Rehy’s standard first contact message: [You have contacted ship 3998 a ship of Rehy. Our home planet is Ruka. Our species is Rikeuninerd. We are on an expedition far from our territory. 3998 is a scrapping vessel and we do not intend to attack.]