[Event] TSPedia:Unusual articles (Pacifica)

Of the over one thousand and sixty-nine articles and counting in the Austral TSPedia [currently broken] there are some articles that TSP Encyclopedians have identified as being somewhat unusual. These articles are verifiable, valuable contributions to the encyclopedia, but are a bit odd, whimsical. We should take special care to meet the highest standards of an encyclopedia with these articles lest they make TSPedia appear idiosyncratic. If you wish to add an article to this list, the article in question should preferably meet one or more of these criteria:

This definition is not precise or absolute; some articles could still be considered unusual even if they do not fit these guidelines.

Each entry on this list should be an article on its own (not merely a section in a less unusual article) and of decent quality, and in large meeting TSPedia’s manual of style.

In this list, a star (:star:) indicates a featured article. A plus (:heavy_plus_sign:) indicates a “Good article”.

With the Wiki BROKEN where will the creativity juice of Pacificians go!!!!!! So here's an wiki event hosted here in the FORUMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Also we need more choas in Pacifica)

You can participate by replying to this post like this example;

Name Tagline Catagory
Grovne effect There are too many Grovne Treaties… (1999)(2000)(2001)…etc. Mathematics and numbers

Of course the idea is from Wikipedia:Unusual articles and you are also encouraged to take ideas from the list.

You can also (but don’t need to) include a snippet of the page (or even write the entire page) for example;

The Grovne effect is the probability when there is too much of a certain thing without any reason or cause, coined by philosopher and mathematician Qwerty Mcqwerston while walking through the city of Setian, Ikoania. He noticed that there a lot of thing named after Grovne without rhyme or reason. He noted the Grovne Garden, Grovne Gala Hall, Grovne Golf Center and Grovne brand granola bar in a Grovne Grocery.
(This will not be submitted because I didn’t get permission and its not that funny)

You are allowed only one submission for the Places and infrastructure catagory per country. (As many as you want for collaborative ones between more than one person) Every submission must be in a separate post. If there’s too many submissions from one person (lets say 5) only the most hearted/reacted will be counted/added to the wiki page.

The most hearted/reacted post will get a :star: and most hearted/reacted 10% (rounded up) of the submissions will get the :heavy_plus_sign: in the actual (get it?) wiki page. (pls heart the funny ones)

You have until 4/4/2022 04:44:44 (UTC+4)

Let’s call it the Annual(?) Contest of Typing the Unusual Articles List.
Let the ACTUAL starts NOW!!!

oh and april fools.

CLOSED, thanks for playing. Maybe see you next year. https://wiki.thesouthpacific.org/w/TSPedia:Unusual_articles_(Pacifica)


Grovne Suggestion

(1) Colloquial term from geopolitics for the regular Sedunnic offer to come to Grovne for negotiations.
(2) Internet meme showing hypocrisy of several Pacifican nations, which have accepted the Grovne Conventions, but like to bend its rules or exploit grey areas.
“Grovne Convention? More like Grovne Suggestion…”

Name Tagline Catagory
Losavral Irredentism memes The entire multiverse is Losavra. Society, Economy and law

Rohadek estate v. Ikoania
“Guess there’s nothing barring a country from changing the name (and legacy) of the dead but you can’t… and we almost got banned in a country.”
Society, Economy and law

After the fall of the Adel Rohadek regime in 1866, which is known for the banning use of other languages other than Austral, burning of books, mass killing of its own people for practicing religion and genocide of Ezervulgish peoples. The parliment passed the Legacy Act of 1868 in which deals with vision of the country after the regime but also required any mention and/or records of the surname formerly used by the dictator to be replaced with the name “granted” by the government, Rohadek, the word for “Bastard” in Ezervulgish.
One of the consequences of this act is that all relatives and their descendants effectively changing its name on that day. While the descendants did later change their surnames, the other relatives which died during Rohadek’s reign retain the surname in which changed to Rohadek. The family did not worry about their ancestor’s legacy due to the threat of persecution during the century. The case was first brought up in the Gralois state court in XX XXX 2005, with the state court siding with the Rohadek estate. The government appealed with the 3rd circuit appeals court, which sided with Ikoania. The case then was appealed to the supreme court by the estate.

The Case
The supreme court hears oral arguments on XX XXX 2008. With question posing “Is the Legacy Act of 1868 unconstitutional?” and “Should people be allowed to change the name of the deceased?”. The supreme court voted 3-2 for the first question and 2-3 on the second. With the deciding vote from Judge Portia Lovitez citing " While the goverment needs to protects the legacy of Ikoania and its people while not forgetting its past but the living does not govern the dead, there’s no legal guardian for the dead and no process for the deceased to change their name." The case is still morally debated between legal scholars.

TSPedia Legacy Scandal
On XX XXX 2016, the TSPedia team was sent a notice by the Ministry of the Interior. Noting that the Page on Rohadek, and this page being one of the evidence presented, violates the Legacy Act and therefore the service will be terminated in the country, if not complied by the end of the year. Leading to the wiki having to ban every instance of the name on XX XXX 2016.

Name Tagline Catagory
Lindenau Effect Repeating occurrences of sighting historical figures, oftentimes in the less fun side of history, seen in the Weissersteiner city of Lindenau… Meinhard Frank, Stjepan Masic, Jakob Strasser, etc. (popularized by the internet) Popular culture, entertainment and the arts

The Lindenau Effect is a recurring internet phenomenon in which historical figure lookalikes, often times dictators and other figures viewed less favorably by the general public, is seen in the Weissersteiner city of Lindenau. The phenomenon first blew up in a chat forum in 2002, where an image of a lookalike of Gianlucian frankist leader Meinhard Frank was seen in Lindenau city subway, and as time goes on, more historical lookalikes were seen, such as Stjepan Masic (Karnetvorian Imperialist prime minister), Horace Soormann (Grandmaster of Transsuneria), Jakob Strasser (Weissersteiner fascist leader), and Loetviek I (Elbonian emperor), among others.