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ministry of culture of the south pacific
event suggestions

You have an idea for an event the Ministry could potentially hold? Post it below, and we’ll get back to you on it!

Please note that we are in the process of RMB Awards, Treasure Island Awards, and spread-out interviews of noteworthy South Pacifican former and current officials. If one of your suggestions was going to be one previously stated above, please don’t add it here as it will do absolutely nothing.

It’s also important to note that we cannot guarantee we will use your suggestion! Remember, don’t get your hopes up, but these are suggestions, not requests.

These suggestions can be events, exchanges, polls, and award events! The more depth you provide on your suggestion, and the earlier you submit it, there is a higher chance the Ministry will take that suggestion into the books! Also, please note that your ideas are valued and if we accept your suggestion for an event, you will be on the administrative team for that specific event!

From here on out, should I put my ideas here instead of the discord?

Sure, although I might close this out in favor of a pinned post asking staffers to post their own topic for ideas. Better organization of event plans, I think.

For now, post in a new topic in #cabinet:moc with all the details.

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I kind of like how the Discord can be more spontaneous with responses

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It can be, although keeping a forum post for it is preferred for archival purposes. Easier to go back in later and see old events the Ministry did.