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News Report

Greenston-Parker| 22 September 2022

Reconstruction Status

Even before the end of the Denvari Civil War, it was well known that Reconstruction would be difficult. Efforts so far, have been successful, especially thanks to the Unions allies with Stoinia, Sallodesia, Izaakia, CE, and Huawan assisting with Reconstruction.

In Emerald, efforts have been placed on the rebuilding of Starton, beginning with the reconstruction of essential services, homes, and major historical buildings. In Denver, homes are being rebuilt in many ruined towns, multiple cities are being rebuilt, and Power is beginning to be restored to many areas, although, Water is still scarce as of now. In Spiras, Essential infrastructure and Homes are being rebuilt, and Spirasian refugees are beginning to return.

Military Wise, a total reconstruction of the Denverian Armed Forces has been initiated, Emerald has begun by giving its older equipment to the DArF. The rebuilding of Spiras’ navy and air force has begun, and it is expected for it to reach out to Stoinia and Emerald for new Aircraft and Naval Vessels.

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Peace Talks Between Ludville and Emerald-Denver To Continue

It was announced earlier today that peace talks between Minister Ludov and King Joshua VII are to resume. The Peace talks are to be held in Copenhagen, and President Vimmru has been invited to continue to mediate the talks.

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EagleStar Times #1002

News Report

Greenston-Parker| 2 November 2022

Future Naval Vessels Announced

The ERN has announced the 2023-5 Line Up of New Vessels to Be Commissioned, Vessels Include, The ERNS Joshua VI CV-27, The ERNS Colradia II BBN-20, The ERNS Lucas BCN-35, The ERNS Crocodile DDN-61, The ERNS For King And Country FFN-26, The ERNS Home Of The Free FFM-27, The ERNS Army KV-06, The ERNS Hail SS-25, The ERNS Winterstorm II SS-26, and the ERNS Kingdom MCS-005. Planned Vessels Include 2 Battleships, 1 Supercarrier, 3 Battlecruisers, 3 Heavy Cruisers, 6 Light Cruisers, 7 Amphibious Attack Vessels, 8 Submarines, 10 Destroyers, and 2 Corvettes.

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