Esfalsa-Phanama Diplomacy

This topic is a record of diplomacy between Esfalsa and Phanama.

Joint Statement by Esfalsa and Phanama on Mutual Cooperation

October 26, 2022

Acknowledging that Ricubai and Spiritus have enjoyed neither close nor hostile relations for some time, we come together today to lay the foundation for a lasting partnership that we hope shall persevere during even the most turbulent of times.

With a shared commitment to strengthening the bonds between our two nations, we commit to working towards the following principles:

Free movement. We intend to allow for free movement of Esfalsan and Phanaman citizens across our shared border. The implementation of these policies will be made with careful consideration of our existing domestic laws and security infrastructure, but with the goal of increasing the ease of business across our border.

Research collaboration. We commit to closer collaboration between public institutions of research and higher education in Esfalsa and Phanama, and will encourage and incentivize private institutions to do the same. We look forward to collaboration on student exchange programs, research projects, and scientific exploration.

Environmental protection. We endeavor to protect the environment and tackle climate change by implementing policies to encourage the sustainable use of our finite resources. We acknowledge the urgency of these issues and the fact that they transcend national borders, so we pledge to work together to set our nations on the path to a greener Pacifica.

Rail infrastructure. We appreciate the benefits of rail transport and aim to improve the rail infrastructure connecting Esfalsa and Phanama. We hope this will assist in the fulfillment of our goals by enhancing trade, travel, and understanding — among other things — between our nations, leading to long-lasting peace and prosperity.

We welcome and invite all industries, businesses, citizens, workers, and officials to join us in our pursuit of these goals. With these new initiatives, we look forward to a new era in Esfalsa-Phanama relations.

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