Epiana (Epiana)

Epiana’s Legislator Application

Question Answer
TSP Nation Epiana
Main Nation Arstotskiano
WA Nation Current WA as of application: Arstotskiano 14
Discord @arstotskiano
Other Involvement
Other Regions:
Lands End (Formerly: Ambassador to The Union of Wreath and Rose and Warzone Trinidad), Conch Kingdom (Ambassador to Karma), Warzone Trinidad (Foreign Affairs Manager and Warzone Trinidad Mafia Underboss), The West Pacific (TWP FA to Lazarus), The North Pacific (Ambassador to Taijitu, Carcassonne and One Big Island), The East Pacific (EPSA), The Pacific, Altia (Defence Minister), Europeia, The Rejected Realms, The League, Balder, Lazarus (TWPFA Nation), Karma (CKFA Nation), Commonwealth of Liberty, The Region That Has No Big Banks, Anteria (Ambassador to Cape of Good Hope), England and Thegye

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