Epiana (Epiana)

Epiana’s Legislator Application

Question Answer
TSP Nation Epiana
Main Nation Arstotskiano
WA Nation Arstotskiano
Discord P Galaxies / Arstotskiano NS#0418
Other Involvement
Cardvault, Cardvault0, Cardvault1-Cardvault170, Arstotskiano, Kirlantov, Creopotava, Bonophoalis, Nicakher, Sanyotska & Astiabel
Other Regions:
Lands End (Ambassador since the 4th of October 2022), The North Pacific, The West Pacific, The League, Sophia, Thegye, Anteria & The East Pacific (Might be wrong on this one, as the nation residing there is just a cardvault)

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