Envari-Emerald first contact

Iskander was in the Navy for 30 years and he already managed to become an admiral. He did this through bribery, threatening, snitching and one assasination. But his ambitions didn’t stop there. The Comissar was getting old and somebody had to assume that title after him. Iskander wanted to be that person.

But it wasn’t that simple. He couldn’t use any of his previous methods. Now, he actually had make a name for himself. That’s why his fleet was encrouching further and further into unexplored space every patrol. A science ship maybe couldn’t survive this expedition, but an entire fleet? No problem.

That’s when he saw it. A planet with lights on its surface and a small fleet in orbit. He knew exactly what to do.

“Get the fleet into battle formation 1 and lock on your weapons”, Iskander shouted into comms. “Turn on broadcast and transmit it on everything you can find on this planet and fleet.”

Than he took a couple of steps back and began speaking. “Hello fellow inferior xeno scum. This is admiral Iskander of the Eleventh Border Fleet. Surrender this system and this fleet to the Grand Comissariat of Enver and no harm will come to you. If you refuse, we will have no mercy. The choice is yours.”

(OOC: They used the same translator they used during the contact with the Drakari)


2102 PY
Victoria System, Victoria III
Rear Admiral David “Vulture” Svenson IV
UES Emeraldian Glory BB-1087

It was standard for a Battlegroup to be deployed as a Defence around a promising Colonial Planet, Victoria III had been discovered and was deemed unusable for colonization, until the Galayactans were discovered and the Combined Colonization Program was born, Victoria III, having a favorable place in its solar system, was chosen to be one of the first planets for Terraforming. So far, it had gone quite well, much of the surface had been terraformed to fit Pacifican Standards. Things were peaceful and the Battlegroup was enjoying the new Victorian III Environment and Maintaining the Planets Military Mandate, as was common for a Colony in the Territories. However, that peace was shattered when long range satellites detected an alien fleet in system, and then the broadcast was heard. The 108th Battlegroup was mobilized in a mere moments and Civilian Vessels, including 2 Galayactan CCP Vessels were moved to the other side of the planet. Rear Admiral David “Vulture” Svenson IV sat in his command chair aboard the UES Emeraldian Glory, his family had a long history in the Navy, with his great-great grandfather being the infamous Commander “Raven” of the Great War. Vulture hoped to continue that legacy. He had been shocked at the use of Austral by these Aliens.

(AV)“Open Transmission with Alien Fleet, Priority One.”

(CMO)“Transmission Open, Sir”

(AV)“This is Admiral David “Vulture” Svenson of the United Emeraldian Navy. We refuse to hand over anything to an Invading state who expects us to just be silent and handover anything we have. You are trespassing in Emeraldian Territory, and a communique has already been sent to the 1st Fleet, tread lightly. End Transmission”

(AV)“Move the battlegroup into Defensive Formation 3 and prepare all Phalanxs and Mac Guns.”

(TaO + CMO)“Yes Sir”


“Very bold of you David”, said Iskander with disguist. “But soon you will kneel before the master race. Open fire.”

He watched as the wall of battleships unleashed a storm of high-speed kinetic shells and concentrated plasma shots. Between them there were flying missles and strike drones. This will be his great triumph, maybe a beggining of his glorious campaign. The Comissariat is at war once again.


(AV)“Shields Up! All Phalanxes Fire!”

In a matter of moments, over a hundred bright red beams streak through space, striking the Envari Battleships hard, while thousands of Fighters start taking down strike drones. The Incoming kinetic shells bounce off the Plasma shielding, and the Plasma Shots fired are absorbed by the shield. Bright Red Plasma Torpedoes are launched and the Battlecruisers and Battleships open fire with their large plasma cannons, as Point Defence Guns open firing on the incoming Missiles.

(CMO)“Sir! The Corinia has been heavily damaged, and the Glorious has lost main power. We’ve so far taken light damage.”

(AV)“Launch Polaris Nuclear Missiles, maybe a few EMP’s will take out those Battleships, Status on the 1st Fleet?”

(CMO)“Still incoming, they’ll arrive in about an Hour”

(AV)“Shit, prepare the colony for Evacuation and get those civilian ships out of here, Under this heavy fire, we’re not going to last for an hour, We’ll need to pull back to the Kellov System to have a better chance at defending. Order Army, Air Force, and Marine Personnel to prepare to fight on the ground for as long as they can. Tell the Paradox Orbital Station to prepare their own defences and self-destruct if need be.”

(XO)“We’re abandoning the Victoria System? Why?!”

(AV)“This is too much, our shields can hold for a while, but our escorts will be wiped out long before we are, we must begin pulling back. We’ll return with a far stronger force, I promise.”

While Polaris Missiles were launched, Civilian and Military Transports began a general evacuation of the Colonial Cities, however, many, seeing that there were too few transports for everyone, decided to remain behind and help defend. Those that stayed were mostly Men and the able bodied, to ensure those who could not fight made it off world.

Meanwhile, in the New Greenston System

(GAJ)“They’ve invaded our Colony and Borders, they must pay, we must declare war”

(Grand General Aiden Adams)“Should we inform the Coalition?”

(Grand Marshall Victoria Nielsen)“We should inform them immeadiately, we are now being invaded, that and that Envari Fleet opened fire on our vessels.”

(GAJ)“Yes, but I’ve also heard that an Envari Fleet was encountered in Drakari Space, but the Imperial Navy there wasn’t fired upon.”

(GGA)“How Strange, we’re still considering this an act of war against Emerald.”

(GAJ)“Has his majesty and the Government been informed?”

(GMV)“Yes, Congress has already passed a Declaration Of War and the King is currently signing it.”

(GAJ)“Good, prepare all military forces and the 1st and 2nd Fleets to begin a liberation campaign for the Victoria System”

(GMV + GGA) “Yes, Sir”

Emerald is now at war.


Iskander looked as misslies were destroyed by point defence and drones. He was suprised that the lasers were able to destroy a couple of battledhips. They were supposed to be absorbed by energy shields or reflect of of armor. He didn’t even know that lasers were a suitable strategy in combat. But it was just a minor inconvinience. Except for that everything was going according to plan. Triumph could be smelled in the entire room.

“Sir, there is a transmission from the Grand Comissar”, reported one of the crewmates.

“Very well, put it on screen”, replied Iskander.

The screen showed the face of the Grand Comissar. There were areas of purple skin on his face, a sign of old age. “What do ypu think you are doing Iskander!”, he shouted. “You don’t even have any idea who you are firing at! Cease fire immediatly and start transmitting! I’m gonna have to clean up your mess.”

“Yes sir, as you wish”, replied Iskander, giving off a smell of fear and shame.

“I am the Grand Comissar, the ruler of the Grand Comissariat of Enver. This attack was not approved by me or any of the members of the military. Those were acts commited by a rouge unit. He was already given orders to cease fire. If he does not comply, he will be declared a traitor to the Comissariat. I hope that a war between our states can be avoided. Iskander will face the consequences of his actions. I hope that a meeting could be arranged between some higher ranking officials to discuss this matter.”


Before David had a chance to respond, numerous vessels dropped out of Jumpspace, Surrounding the Alien Fleet. To his and his bridge crew’s surprise, the fleet didn’t open fire, and a general ceasefire order could be heard on the Comms Panel. Then a broadcast began from a person he wasn’t expecting.

(GAJ)“This is Grand Admiral Jason Gates of the United Emeraldian Navy. We’ve heard your transmission, we agree, a war should be avoided. A Meeting can be arranged and held on Victoria III. I think that Iskander should be hung for his actions and nasty response towards the Rear Admiral, the Svensons have a history for being quite good at their jobs, even if it costs their vessel, but thats my opinion. As of right now, this fleet will be held here until a formal agreement can be reached, if any vessels from this fleet attempt to leave, they will be shot down and all hopes of peace are called off. Tread Lightly.”


“Very well”, replied the Comissar. “We will send one of ours most skilled diplomats to find a peaceful solutuon to this crisis. Iskander will be punished, but not hanged. It is a bit primitive. We will send a fleet to extract him as well as an escort for our diplomat. All other erangments will be conducted when our fleet gets there.”

A few hours later, Elsen, called “Silvertounge” by his collegues, was onboard a flagship of the Second Homeland Fleet, his elite bodyguards standing beside him. He was an expert in communicating with xenos, able to bold back on offensive comments and being able to talk in to them in person, without a slave middleman, a skill rare amongst the Envari. He was also a very skilled diplomat, being able to talk his way out of almost anything.

“How long before we arrive, admiral?”, he asked.

“A month sir” he replied.

"Jump into the Underspace. "

“Are you sure sir? It is very dangerous.”

“Normal FTL is too slow. It’s just one jump, what’s the worst that could happen?”

“As you wish sir.” The admiral smelled of fear.


(GAJ)“You know, I do wonder when they’ll get her-”

The Grand Admiral was on Victoria III, which was still maintained at full combat readiness. It had been a few days since the Envari had promised to send Diplomats. The Grand Admiral was talking to Rear Admiral David when it was brought to his attention that the Envari Diplomats had arrived.

(GAJ)“Prepare 2nd Contact Protocols”

(CMO) “Yes, Grand Admiral, Right Away”

Up In Space…

(Davids XO)“Attention Envari Diplomatic Fleet, you will send your diplomats down to the planets surface with shuttles, which will be escorted by ESF-52 Fighters, no other craft can be launched, and your weapons must be offline. Don’t try anything. Captain Andrews Out”


Elsen was standing onboard of his shuttle, preparing to descend onto Victoria III, alongside a few other diplomats and a squad of the elite Black Guard as his escort. He was wearing his official exosuit, as the planet had a different atmosphere than what the Envari were used to. They would not be able to smell the pheromones, but maybe it was a good thing. He wouldn’t like them to be able to destinguish his emotions. Apperently, many xeno species used “body language”. He still wasn’t able to work out this weird concept.

He looked as the escort fighters mentioned by the alien commander closed on the shuttle and followed it. As the shuttle entered the planet’s atmosphere, he wondered what will the aliens be like.

A transmission stopped his contemplations. “Iskander was extracted and arrested. Ask the aliens if if would be posdible to get the border fleet out of here.”


The Grand Admiral stood at the Designated Landing Point, which was at the local Military Base, he was escorted by a small detachment of the High Guard. He was wearing his Dress Uniform, with a CE-2131H Plasma Pistol holstered at his hip. The Base was in full combat mode. Tanks were moved, as were Armored Transports. A Full Battalion had amassed to greet the Envari Diplomat.

(GAJ) “Lets see how well this Contact will go”


The shuttle touched down on the landing pad. Elsen was already standing in the airlock, with 10 Black Guard soldiers. They were wearing combat exosuits, much bulkier than his and were carrying C-34b plasma rifles. Their exosuits were full black, even the visor, without any other symbols. His exosuit was much lighter, only providing life support. He was unarmed. It was a diplomatic misdion after all.

He put on his helmet and the airlock opened. His bodyguards came out first and created a “corridor” through which he could pass. He came up to a human, who was standing in front of an armored battalion, propably their leader, while maitaining distance.

“I am Elsen, an Envari diplomat, sent here to resolve the Victoria Crisis, as it became known in the Comissariat. Before we begin, I am happy to inform that Iskander was arrested and will receive a fitting punishment when he is delivered to one of the Core Worlds. Would it be possible for the Eleventh Border Fleet to leave this system and already begin the delivery?”


Grand Admiral Jason Gates

(GAJ)“Yes, we will allow your fleet to pass, as long as it doesn’t violate our borders EVER again. Speaking Of Which.”

The Grand Admiral motioned the Envari Diplomat to follow him to the base’s comm shack, repurposed as a Meeting Room.

(GAJ)“I feel like we should discuss the border itself”

The Grand Admiral pressed a button on a holo tablet to show a Holo map of Emerald, which only showed the Victoria System and highlighted the Emeraldian Border.


Elsen put on a metal wristband, which acted as a personal computer and project a holo map of the Comissariat, showing only the border, in such a way that the maps alinged with each other perfectly.

“As you can see, our nations don’t have any border disputes. The Comissar will make necessary precauctions to make sure that a situation like this doesn’t happen ever again.”

While this happened, the Eleventh Border Fleet retreated into the Underspace, making its way to the Core Worlds.