Envari-Colestisian first contact

Skanderberg was an admiral in the navy for a very long time. A couple hundred years it seems. He remembered when the previous Comissar passed away. A feat a few Envari can say they do. But he was too tired to boast about it. He just wanted to retire. But he still had to finish his patrol rout first. But it will be quick. Nothing ever hapoens here anyways.

“Sir, we have a weird reading on the scanners,” said one of his crewmembers. “An unidentified ship, definately not built by the Envari. Should we send a warning message?”
“Ye, and lock on them”, replied Skandeberg flegmatically.

The message reads: “You are approching territories of the Grand Comissariat of Enver. Identify yourself or head back immediatly. Any act of agression will be met with fire.”

(OOC: They use their translator, for languages check my first contact with the Darakari.)

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Meeting bizarre, alien spaceships and a message that could not be understood, Nox - the captain of the 86th colonisation ship, after processing the situation for a moment, was filled with great excitement. The first alien contact! The Fermi paradox solved! A potential ally and friend was hovering just within reach.
Crew, you might want to take a look at this… He spoke out in a loud voice to be heard by as many people on the ship as possible
Many gathered on the vessel’s bridge looking through the reinforced glass at the Envari spaceships in front of them. The atmosphere was lively as people whispered to each other in earie excitement.
Soon after, a file containing the Colesitian language as well as graphic explanations to each word and phrase was sent towards the fleet in front, along with a message saying Hello fellow beings! Are you exploring the cosmos in search of prospect and land as well? Please introduce yourself, so that we can have a conversation in greater detail. The anticipation for an answer was indescribable.


Skanderberg didn’t really want to deal with this.

“Just tell them to fuck off and we will forget about the whole thing, ok?”

“But I don’t think they will understand that sir.”

“So use their language!” He gave off a strong smell of anger.

The message reads: “Fuck off and we will just forget about this meeting. You stumbled across the wrong guys to hold discussions with. Consider this an act of mercy, filthy xeno.”


Now, now, there is no need to be hostile. We’ve both been scarred by other species in the past, so we don’t blame you for taking such percussions and coming out as hostile, but we mean no harm. All we want is to astablish a good relationship, as we assume do you. This is a big breakthrough for us and we truly hope to make the best of it.
Despite his crew panicking and advising to turn back, Nox pressed on with the conversation. He truly believed in peace and cooperation. Many have found him foolish for that in the past, but he never minded. He knew he had to press on.
And if you really don’t want to talk any longer, at least show how your kind looks, as will do we, so that we can both learn something about life from this encounter.
After finishing his message, he sent a picture of how a Colesitian looked. They were small vertebrate creatures, less than 1 meter or 3 feet tall. They had a bipedal posture, were somewhat slim and had two front limbs with four digits, one of them opposable,and a long, prehensile tail. On their head, they had two eyes, similar to those of a human, Two small openings, seemingly for breathing, and a long thin outgrowth, extending further than the tip of their tail, and they had no mouth. The whole creature was light green.


Skanderberg had enough of that. He emanated with the smell of anger all over the room.

“Listen here, you inferior xeno scum. You have trespassed onto the territory of the Grand Comissariat of Enver and are very annoying. Surrender immediatly and dock to the flagship or be annihilated. This is my last warning. If you really want to see me, than come and look me in the face. O, sorry, you can’t, because you are so small and inferior.”

The crew just stood beside the admiral, not really knowing what to do. The Black Guard didn’t care, as usuall. They only cared about killing anyway.

Everyone just waited for the response of the aliens. They didn’t want repeat the Victoria Crisis after all.


Silence took hold on the bridge. This is not what Nox, or any Colesitian imagined first contact with aliens would be like. The crew and captain were in a pinch. They had no weapons to defend themselves with, no hyperspace to escape to, no nothing. The only way was into the dock of the Envari flagship.
Well, in that case, we’re on our way. Replied Nox, breaking the silence, and directed their vessel toward the alien fleet as the crew reported back to Silvalia about the meeting.


Skanderberg gave this situation a little thought. If he brings news of a xeno nation, this would mean war. And war would mean no rerirement. Which would be very bad for him. He activated interfleet coms.

“Listen you whippersnappers, what you just saw, never happened. If anyone says otherwise, I will personally… Do some bad stuff to him. So beware.”

“You, xenos. Get out and don’t come back. If you didn’t meet me, you would probably be dead or captured by now. Just don’t tell anyone about this.”

“I’m too old for this,” he muttered to himself.


Without any response, Nox turned back the ship and headed back to Silvalia, to get a new direction for colonisation. The Colesitians learnt an important lesson that day - that they weren’t alone, and that even outer space wasn’t devoid of predators. They’ll have to stay on guard in the future.