End of the Chicken - Farewell Address


This will be brief. The new Prime Minister has taken his seat, and a new chapter begins in South Pacifican history.

We’ve seen, experienced, and done a lot over the past year. Massive changes to our laws, huge turnover in the participants of power, big moves in the foreign arena, and more have marked these three terms, but none compare to the tenacity and ability of South Pacificans to get things done when they needed to be. To those who pulled through, I am especially thankful.

I would also like to give my many thanks to the 13 individuals who served as Minister or Director in my Cabinets, to Delegates Anjo and Griffindor for providing stability and security, to the friends and colleagues who provided crucial advice at critical moments, and to the region for placing their trust in me at three separate times, of which I am eternally grateful. It was an honor to serve.

Now, Drew has the keys to the kingdom, and I turn over to him what I hope he will find to be a strong position from which to accomplish his agenda. Give him the power and the trust to do what he must, and we will be all the better for it.

Godspeed Drew, and thanks everyone.

Yours Truly,
@ProfessorHenn / Sporaltryus